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In our pursuit to keep our clients at the forefront of performance, we are constantly developing useful resources and materials. In this section you will find all of our publicly available resources (if you’re a client talk to your consultant about receiving more exclusive resources). Below you will find links to our What Winning Teams Get Right Playbook, Coaching Philosophy Workbook, People+Sport Magazines, DISC in Sport Workbook, Previous Open Webinar Recordings, and much more.

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What Winning Teams Get Right Playbook

Top sporting performance, whether on the track, field, pool or court, or on the management side, relies on many important variables being executed at the highest level and in unison.

The most successful teams achieve because they are deliberate in their approach, believe in certain performance philosophies, and have systems and tools that drive performance. In this playbook, we explain each performance philosophy and the practical models we use to put these philosophies into action.

DISC in sport workbook

Athlete Assessments'


The ‘DISC in Sport Workbook’ is all about taking the knowledge of DISC behavioral profiling and putting it into action within your sporting environment. It brings together your ability to understand and manage your own behaviors with your ability to understand the behavior and needs of others. 

It positions you to work with, influence and interact with people more effectively, improve communication and ultimately your results. This is a game changer in sport.

DISC in sport workbook
Athlete Assessments'

DISC Card Game

Your go to Development Tool!

Capturing the benefits of our DISC Profiling system, we have created an innovative DISC Card Game ideal for younger athletes. While designed with youth sports in mind, people of all ages can enjoy the value that this DISC Card Game brings. The applications are endless from ice-breaker games to team building activities, small groups or large, following the basic instructions or utilizing the advanced options. It will be your go to development tool!

Coaching Philosophy Workbook

Coaching Philosophy Workbook

Your Complete Development Guide

Coaching Philosophy Workbook

Coaches are constantly told that having a well-defined Coaching Philosophy is a critical component of a successful career. BUT, it can be a challenge to develop on your own and it takes time to evolve.

We’ve taken years of experience, interviews with leading coaches, research and testing to formulate this workbook for your benefit. Be guided step-by-step through this important process.

Team Culture


It can be difficult to find a resource that can effectively guide your sports team through the potential pitfalls of culture. Our latest eBook is designed to take you step by step through the four distinct types of culture, which are aligned to culture models that researchers at the University of Michigan have confirmed to exist within a corporate organization.

In our eBook, we define team culture, look into what effects your team’s culture, and also discuss how you assess and measure your team’s culture with the four DISC Culture Styles; Dominance Culture, Influence Culture, Steadiness Culture and the Conscientious Culture. We look at what characterizes each culture, what each culture does and does not value, discuss how different athletes will feel in each culture, and how to tailor your coaching for the unique culture of your team.


Athlete Assessments'

People+Sport Magazines

We were recently asked why our magazine is called People+Sport and not the other way round. The answer is simple and reason deliberate, because people come first. Read about World Class Olympic and Professional Coaches, Real People in Sport, Women leading the industry, and Top University and Coach Education Programs.

The Big Book of Inspirational Quotes for Sport

Finding a great quote can turn your day around, give you a new breath of motivation, or even change your life and the philosophy you live it by. Quotes are powerful as in a few words they capture what can otherwise take a paragraph to describe.

We know finding the time to search for that perfect quote can be hard. So, we took the time for you and gathered inspiring quotes especially for sports people, for any occasion. What started as a small collection has continued to grow and has now amassed to over 440 quotes. 

Catch up on our Open Webinars


Whether you’re eagerly waiting for our next open webinar, or if you missed out on our previous ones and are looking to catch up, you’re in the right place! Click the button below to view all previous open webinars hosted by Athlete Assessments, and access the ones that are most relevant for you. 

Recommended Books

Here you will find our book reviews and the books we recommend. Get a head-start on an important book we’ve review or quick preview before you buy it. You can also quickly understand the key messages and how it applies to your role in sport.

Valuable Ways to Support Women Coaches

We’ve asked the question of people who know and have created this live list. We invite you to take the time to read through this incredible list of insights, and even join us in growing this list to be a valuable resource for others. 

Podcast: Episode 179 with Bo Hanson

Be the best player for the team, not the best player on the team: a conversation with 4x Olympian, Bo Hanson.

5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

Video Resource

In this video series, Bo Hanson answers some of the most frequently asked (and interesting!) questions from clients, and discusses the most relevant topics for sport coaching and performance. Check back regularly as there’s a new video every couple of weeks! You can also find a form at the bottom of the page to submit your own topic for Bo to talk about.

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Here you’ll find a full listing of our popular newsletters. They are published every couple of months and as you’ll see for yourself, we only include relevant, interesting and useful content. We value your time so deliberately work to ensure anything we send you is absolutely worth the read! Find one of our previous editions or read the latest newsletter. We’ve kept a catalogue of all our updates here.

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Catch up on our Most Recent Articles

Our team are incredibly excited to share that Athlete Assessments and our Director and Lead Performance Consultant, Bo Hanson have been nominated as finalists in the 2023 Australian Institute of Training & Development (AITD) Excellence Awards. Our nominations fall under two categories, Best Capability Building Program for our Elite Team Program, and Bo being named as a contender for the Dr Alastair Rylatt Award for L&D Professional of the Year.

Celebrating one year at the WeCOACH helm and the leadership learnings we can take away from two decades of experience elevating, educating, and executing in collegiate athletics.

The University of Dayton’s Head Softball Coach, Cara Clark-LaPlaca; and Executive Director of the Center for Leadership, Brent Kondritz Ph.D., share insights on building athlete leadership through role modeling, collaboration, and foundational self-awareness.

Athlete Assessments' Client Manager, Temika Smith reflects on her first experience at the Women Coaches Academy, hosted by the NCAA and WeCOACH.

In 2022, the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) launched a game-changing coach education program, titled CoachUp and we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on the strength and success of the program as preparations for the subsequent programs are underway.

Recently, Bo Hanson joined ABC Radio Melbourne presenter, Lisa Leong, to discuss the topic of succession planning. They covered what it is, why it’s important, the common mistakes made when implementing a strategy, and how effective succession planning is the ultimate measurement of a great leader.

Bucknell University Athletics leading duo, Jen Kentera and Eline Vermeulen, on their department-wide approach to developing student-athlete leaders who succeed in their sport and in life.

The Ohio State University Director of Shooting Sports and Head Coach of Rifle, Ryan Tanoue; and Head Coach of Pistol, Emil Milev, share insights on building their coaching self-awareness, understanding dynamics, and consistency in leading their national championship winning Buckeyes.

In a recent episode of Canterbury Rugby's Podcast, Coaches Corner, Liz Masen joins Riki Tahere to unpack the power of DISC Profiling and how better understanding your own behavioral tendencies and your players can unlock their best performances. While Liz talks all things DISC, Riki takes a deep dive into decision making, which sees the two discuss the key importance of understanding athletes on an individual level. We guarantee you'll love this episode, by don't just take our word for it! Have a listen and share your thoughts with us.

We dive into why equitable opportunity matters for women and girls in sport beyond just playing the game, with research highlighting it as a factor for success in all aspects of life.

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