Way of Champions Podcast: with Bo Hanson

Rebekah Box
Client Experience & Marketing Manager – Athlete Assessments

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We’re super excited to share Bo’s chat with John O’Sullivan, Host of the Way of Champions Podcast. On the Podcast, Bo and John talk about a variety of interesting topics, from utilizing failures in childhood and adolescence as fuel for success in adulthood, to setting goals and defining values with your teammates, and why lacking clarity in your role leads to a bad team culture. But it doesn’t end there, they also discuss our ‘internal’ scoreboard, teaching teams to accept feedback and facilitating difficult conversations between athletes. Plus, one of our favorite topics of being the best player for the team and not just the best player on the team, and ultimately what is required for a team to become consistently successful?

The podcast also looks at Bo’s career spanning over the last 20 years within both the sport and the business sector. Click the link below to listen to the episode and find out how Bo has used his experience and knowledge to improve the coaching strategies and performance of our clients, resulting in more than 21 national championships, Olympic medals and pro team premierships in just the last five years.

Also available on, iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher

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