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We’re super excited to share Bo’s chat with John O’Sullivan, Host of the Way of Champions Podcast. On the Podcast, Bo and John talk about a variety of interesting topics, from utilising failures in childhood and adolescence as fuel for success in adulthood, to setting goals and defining values with your teammates, and why lacking clarity in your role leads to a bad team culture.

Mental Performance Coach, Rick Sessinghaus, has coached long-time client Collin Morikawa, currently ranked #5 on the PGA tour, from talented junior to #1 World Amateur and on to professional status.

Get one day better every day. Have clarity on what that 'one day better' actually is each day. The daily accumulation of improvement increases the likelihood that you’ll reach your goals...

Does your program breed toughness in your team? In this concise video, Hanson simplifies the dialogue around toughness in sport by providing a short definition of what we mean when we talk toughness. He describes what tough athletes look like, and the ways in which this attribute can separate and elevate performance. Hanson also presents effective strategies for athletes to utilize when they need to rely on their toughness and how to perform at their best when it matters the most. The video also covers techniques for coaches to facilitate toughness development with the current generation in an era that doesn’t make it easy.

Writing ranked #1 in the world next to your name is a rare honor. Writing it 2 years in a row means that you understand how to get it right, you’re an innovator and you stay at the forefront of your field. Loughborough University, the #1 University in the World for Sports Related Subjects, gets teaching the business of sport right.

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to Sport Psychology is that an athlete needs to have deficits in their mental game before they can seek support. But Sport Psychologist, Dr. Justin Anderson works with some of the world's best athletes who just want to “be better”.

Winning a National Championship is not only an incredibly special feat; it is also very hard to do. So when you win a National Championship twice, you know that it is even better and even harder.

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