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A Peek Behind the Curtain of our New Look DISC Reports

Fresh new covers featuring a sweeping collection of sporting images, are among the primarily aesthetic changes to Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profile Reports. The new look reports including; AthleteDISC Profile, CoachDISC Profile, Sport ManagerDISC Profile, Team Dynamic Report, and the series of Performance Review 360 Reports, were launched and went live in July 2021.

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From Coaching on the Court to Coaching in the Classroom

“I rarely choose the easy route just because something might be hard.” It’s a simple and succinct statement of fact, but it also serves as a quick character portrait summing up Dr. Scott Douglas, a 2x NWBA Champion, 4x player for the U.S. Men’s World Cup Tennis Team, 3x Paralympian, coach, and Associate Professor at University of Northern Colorado.

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Team Day 2 - May 2021

Hanging Upside Down for Team Day #2!

Going beyond what’s expected of you, is a part of what we value at Athlete Assessments. So, when it was suggested we do an aerial yoga class as our team building activity, we all jumped at the idea of getting out of our comfort zones (no pun intended…).

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Troy University

Playing FOR Your Students’ Team

Talking to Christopher Atwater, Assistant Professor at a university renowned for creating opportunities for its students, I was reminded of the simplicity of the effect and magnetism of positivity when he shared this recollection of the way he himself was mentored shaping his career.

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Innovative Teaching Techniques Inspired By Challenges

During the pandemic, safety required the suspension of face-to-face teaching, consequently some 25,000 universities closed their doors, forcing an estimated 250 million students worldwide to continue their studies online. Globally, teaching professionals were forced to rethink the way they delivered course material and connected with students.

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Q&A with Christopher Atwater, PhD, Assistant Professor at Troy University

We recently interviewed Christopher Atwater, PhD, Assistant Professor of Sport Management in School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management at Troy University for our article, Playing FOR Your Students’ Team. We couldn’t squeeze all the valuable information and inspiring thoughts he shared, so we’ve popped them here in an extended Q&A here.

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An Early and Important Impact on Athlete Performance

Darren’s contribution to Western Australia’s basketball program reflects his approach to developing and supporting athletes as they ‘form’. He explains that essentially his role is “to help athletes understand themselves, their teammates, coaches, and managers, so they can be more effective with their communications and be able to better adapt to situations.”

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Q&A with Kinzee Salo, Teaching Specialist & Coach

We recently interviewed Kinzee Salo for our article When Coaching Sport isn’t All About Coaching Sport and we found that she shared too many valuable insights to include in just one article. So, we’re sharing all her answers in an extended Q&A here.

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NTIS Managing to Make Mentoring Meaningful

While the benefits of mentoring are widely appreciated, achieving a quality and effective mentoring relationship can be challenging. Matching and finding the right fit, building rapport and the relationship, and consistently staying connected all take time and effort.

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New Book About How to Win in Business and Sport

Here’s a positive to come out of Covid-19! Our client, Head Coach of the Utah Utes Volleyball team, Beth Launiere, took on a different challenge last year and collaborated with Leo Hopf to co-author the book, ‘Stop Competing And Start Winning: The Business Of Coaching’.

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Are Your Athletes Ready To Perform?

This article was initiated by an important question that one of the gymnastic coaches we work with asked, “How can we make sure we’re ready to perform at our very best the moment competition begins.”

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Connecting and Collaborating at the Client Collective

The faces occupying each Zoom square on Athlete Assessments’ first Client Collective were distinguished by their choice of beverage – Eastern Time in the United States saw clients sharing their happy hour with us, water bottles for those on Mountain Time, Pacific and Central Time, in the UK it’s a late night cup of tea and comparatively, time zones in Australia saw clients reaching for their morning latte.

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