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of Athlete Assessments' DISC Profiles

Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles are specifically for sport and there are three different types. The AthleteDISC Profile is specifically for athletes, the CoachDISC Profile is for coaches and trainers, and for sports administrators and other sports professionals there is the Sports ManagerDISC Profile.


Each assessment provides a DISC Profile Report based on the results of a 12-minute online survey. The personalized AthleteDISC, CoachDISC and Sports ManagerDISC Reports detail the individual’s personal style, strengths, limiting behaviors, communication preferences and the ideal environment to enhance performance.

While the individual DISC Profile Reports have enormous value and benefits, in addition, the Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles have more capabilities included.

Team Dynamics and Summary Graph Reports

When a team or group complete their individual DISC Profiles, we have the additional capability to produce a Team Dynamics Report as well as a Summary Graph Report. These provide the ability to see the DISC Profile of the overall team or group with useful summaries. Understanding the big picture of the team behaviors has enormous value.

This Team Dynamics Report assists you to better understand and develop how well your team functions and performs. It provides an overview of the combination of different behavioral styles within the team and has been created by plotting where each person falls within the DISC Profiles. Just as individuals have their own unique profiles and associated behaviors, so too does a team develop its own unique culture.

Understanding how the team dynamic impacts the different behavioral styles enables the coach or leader to be more strategic about creating the ‘right’ type of culture for the goals the team is attempting to achieve. Contact Athlete Assessments for more information.

DISC Report 1-page summary

‘Team 1-page DISC Summaries’ Report

In addition to our Team Dynamic and Summary Graphs Reports, we have created a ‘Team 1-page DISC Summaries’ Report for you to use.

As the name suggests, this report is a useful resource for your group or team as it includes a single page summary of each individual DISC Profile Report selected – including any combination of the AthleteDISC, CoachDISC, and Sports ManagerDISC Profiles. We have condensed the full Report by providing only a few dot points on a selection of the sections, along with their graphical charts. While we continue to highly recommend referring to the full reports, this new summary is a very handy reference.

Observer Feedback

The optional Observer Feedback capability is included with every Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profile (at no additional cost). It provides you with the perfect opportunity to celebrate what you’re doing well, whilst helping seek key areas for further development.

This Observer Feedback tool enables you to invite those around you to share their insights into how they perceive your behavior within your sporting environment, converting it into a valuable 360-degree performance review. It was developed to take advantage of the range of benefits gained from quality feedback, from improving performance to reducing coach, player and support-staff turnover. Contact Athlete Assessments for more information.

DISC Career Management Report

Career Management Report

Whether you are a student-athlete looking to enter the workforce or a retiring professional athlete, this additional Report assists our clients in finding long term future prospects after sport. The DISC Career Management Report is an additional nine-page report (at no additional cost) that accompanies any of the above DISC Profiles and is designed to contribute to future career planning and success. Find out more!

View our sample Career Management Report

DISC Collaboration Report

The latest capability added to our suite of DISC Profiling Tools

The latest capability added to our suite of
DISC Profiling Tools

The DISC Collaboration Report is an evaluation and facilitation of how two people work together. It can be used to enhance existing relationships, or in recruitment to easily distill down the key themes of a potential athlete’s DISC Profile and how they will work with their coach, manager, or key players within a team.

This innovative and user-friendly report is available for use, at no additional cost, with any pairing combination of the Athlete Assessments DISC Profiles (AthleteDISC, CoachDISC, or Sports ManagerDISC). Contact the Athlete Assessments team if you would like to utilize this capability.

DISC Collaboration Report

Did you know that we offer our DISC Profiles in languages other than English?

We offer the option to complete the DISC Profile survey in different languages but the reports are generated in English. The languages currently available to complete the survey in are: English, Japanese, Hungarian, Spanish, French (France), German (Germany), Danish, Arabic, and Russian. (i.e., the survey questions are completed in German but the report is generated in English).

Within our English survey, we do have the function that if you don’t understand a word that if you hover your mouse of it, you’re provided with a few other words that mean the same.
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Get practical strategies that will help you coach athletes based on their individual needs. Know the behaviors that produce their best performances for greater consistency when it counts the most. Help your athletes build self-awareness to make improvements and take greater responsibility for their behavior on and off the field. Click here to view a sample AthleteDISC Report.

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The distinguishing factor of great Coaches is their constant pursuit for the competitive edge both in their athletes and themselves. Coaches will better understand their coaching styles (and their fellow-Coaches’ and staff) and find new ways to further improve their coaching and communication with athletes and others. Ultimately, this results in increased success! Click here to view a sample CoachDISC Report.

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Provide your people with a comprehensive understanding of themselves and those they work with. It quickly improves communication, working relationships and ultimately results. Use with recruitment as a foundation for professional development plans or part of a team building exercise. Click here to view the sample Sports ManagerDISC Report.

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