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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – December 2021 (Highlights of the Year)

If you have the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out), we’ve got you. Or, if you simply want to recap on the best from this year, again we’ve got you. To round out 2021, we’ve put together the top three things you’ll love to be across (and not miss out on). Welcome to our holiday update and last newsletter for 2021. Here are our top three resources from this year!

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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – August 2021

Get that scrolling thumb ready, we’ve got a bit of news to get through!  Motivation generates its own momentum, so we’re sharing our August instalment of stories filled with innovation, insight, and perspective. Enjoy! HEADLINES Athlete Assessments’ July Open Webinar: Return, Reset, Restart Your Team Culture In case you missed it, we recently held our highly anticipated open webinar, hosted by Bo Hanson, this session featured a panel four special guest coaches. We are so grateful to our guests for being so open and willing to share their unique experiences in driving and creating team culture. This webinar is a must-watch! Catch up here A Peek Behind the Curtain of our New Look DISC Reports The same DISC Profiles developed exclusively for sport that you know, with a new design you will love. In July 2021, we launched our new look suite of assessments. We’ve created dedicated resources with everything you need to know about the update. Learn more CELEBRATING CLIENT SUCCESS WHAT’S NEW AND WHERE WE’VE BEEN Hardwood Hustle Podcast with Bo Hanson We’re excited to share Bo’s chat with hosts of the Hardwood Hustle Podcast, TJ and Sam. In the episode, Bo talks coaching, the importance of knowing

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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – May 2021

May, May, May… yes, it is May already and may all things be progressing in a positive way for you. Despite continuing challenging circumstances, there are some impressive initiatives and programs underway and a bright light at the end of the Covid tunnel ahead. We celebrate and share inspiration of the impact our clients are making, and take a closer look at the details surrounding their success. Plus, we give you access to our super popular webinar on selecting captains, the latest 5-minute video on compatibility and lots more.

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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – November 2020

It’s our last formal update for the year and we look forward to bringing in 2021 (and putting 2020 behind us all!). Join us in spotlighting some phenomenal people we have the great fortune to work with and celebrating our own success in being named a Finalist in the prestigious 2020 Excellence Awards for Australia’s Best Leadership Development Program. Read on…

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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – September 2020

Bring on a new month and welcome September! Join us in taking a moment to celebrate success, rekindle motivation if it’s dwindling and access all the resources available to you to make the most of this time. We dedicate this edition to providing the tools and inspiration to stay strong and continue to make progress.

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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – July 2020

Welcome to July and all that the new month brings. Let’s jump right into this edition! We’ll be highlighting the great work of clients from three different continents, share a very popular podcast featuring another client, provide two new instalments of Bo Hanson’s 5 minute videos on bringing the team back together from both the coach and athlete perspectives, and keep you up to date with other exciting developments.

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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – December 2019

On a daily basis, the Performance and Wellness Institute is buzzing with athletes practicing their verticals, leaping between stations, pushing their strength towards numbers that were previously unimaginable, while rehabbers are moving with increasing degrees and fluidity. But this isn’t what distinguishes the Institute, enter Crisa Renard and Ryan Wasilawski, these two Exercise Physiologists and their investment in every individual is what’s behind the success stories that clients are quick to share.

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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – August 2019

A big hello as we continue through August! In this edition we’re celebrating the success of our international clients – so our articles will take you across the globe from New Zealand over to Hungary, down to Australia, to Canada and the USA, and Japan. As you’ve come to expect, we’ve jam packed our update with tips and strategies to help your teams perform at their best when it matters the most. So, let’s get started…

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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – March 2019

Hello and a belated welcome to 2019 (how is it mid-March already?)! We’ve made our latest newsletter worth the wait as we focus on athlete accountability, leadership, coach development, academic excellence and much more. Read on for insights into what some of the most outstanding individuals in high-performance sport are doing. 5 MINUTE VIDEOS 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson: Talking Toughness Does your program breed toughness in your team? In this concise video, Hanson simplifies the dialogue around toughness in sport by providing a short definition of what we mean when we talk toughness. He describes what tough athletes look like, and the ways in which this attribute can separate and elevate performance. Hanson also presents effective strategies for athletes to utilize when they need to rely on their toughness and how to perform at their best when it matters the most. The video also covers techniques for coaches to facilitate toughness development with the current generation in an era that doesn’t make it easy. Read More 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson: Talking Team Culture Every team has a culture, some cultures support high-performance while others simply grow around dominant personalities in the team. In this video, Hanson simplifies the

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – November 2018

Are you wondering where 2018 has disappeared to? So are we! With a huge year under our belt, we couldn’t be more excited for the new year ahead. But before we head into 2019, we’re pleased to share another thought-provoking update with you. We continue to shine the spotlight on more of our inspirational clients, dive into hot topics such as the ‘right place for goals’ and ‘what’s best for the team’, and much more. Ready to read and watch on?! Over to you… 5 MINUTE VIDEOS WHAT’S NEW AND WHAT’S ON? 46th NCAA Women Coaches Academy and Academy 2.0November 28 – December 1 2018 in Denver, ColoradoWeCoach (previously the Alliance of Women Coaches) is set to stage the 46th Women Coaches Academy (WCA) and the second Academy 2.0 in Denver at the end of November 2018. Academy 2.0 is a master-class that sees the second cohort of women coaches, graduates of the NCAA Women Coaches Academies, submerge themselves in a specialist extension program run in conjunction with the upcoming WCA. Liz Masen is presenting key workshops at both events. Read more about the programs here. And, if you’d like to support the work of WeCoach and get kitted up with awesome clothing, ensure to visit the WeCoach merchandise webpage. 2018

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – August 2018

We have packed our latest update with more than you’ll have time to read, so I suggest you focus on the articles and videos of most interest to you! From shining the spotlight on some of our impressive clients, to delving into the concept of ‘momentum’, making sense of some of the latest research on the difference between super champions and those who don’t quite make it, tips for your athletes on how to compete and lead, utilizing training journals, how to take over a program and much more… I’d better stop writing to let you read and watch on! Over to you, enjoy! 5 MINUTE VIDEOS WHAT’S NEW AND WHAT’S ON? 2018 Japanese Women Leaders & Coaches Academy 11 – 13 September, KaruizawaAthlete Assessments’ Client Director, Liz Masen has been on board since the Academy’s interception and will be back again this year to present for the fourth time. Alongside international presenters including Marlene Bjornsrud (previously of the Alliance of Women Coaches) and Dr. Nicole LaVoi, Director of the Tucker Centre for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota, they join a team of local presenters led by Dr Etsuko Ogasawara, Ph.D., Executive Director

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – June 2018

An ongoing hot topic in coaching is Accountability, so we kick off our update by tackling this very topic. Then, with many of our northern hemisphere clients celebrating college graduation, we provide a strong career focus and the benefits elite sport delivers. Get an insight into personal experiences and successes, lessons learned and how to get the edge. Catch up on news you may have missed and which conventions you’ll see us at. Welcome to Athlete Assessments’ June Newsletter! WHAT’S NEW? Elite Sports Camps – Include the Skills that Really Need WorkCamp can be a pivotal time for young athletes, they are exposed to new ideas, techniques, facilities, coaches and competition strategies. Equally, sports camps present the best coaches with an outstanding opportunity to work on an athlete’s self-awareness, communication, leadership and team building skills. These ‘people skills’ have a significant impact on their performance potential, which complements the usual physical and technical focus. Find out what the best are doing. WHAT YOU MAY HAVE MISSED… Collaborative Development at the Coaches ClubIn May 2018, Athlete Assessments launched its exclusive Coaches Club, a masterclass for coaches working in high-performance sport. The series of three 1-hour sessions focus on the most relevant topics

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – March 2018

March Madness is here and so is our first update for 2018.We celebrate the Winter Olympics with a historical win, share insights from our inspirational clients in sport psychology, coaching and sport management, update you on the launch of our exclusive Coaches Club and special offers.Welcome to our March newsletter – it’s a mega issue! We cover some of the most relevant topics in sport with our latest articles and videos. See you in Columbus Ohio for the Women’s Final Four. 5 MINUTE VIDEOS WHAT’S ON? WBCA Convention and the Women’s Basketball Final Four 2018 Client Director for Athlete Assessments, Liz Masen will be at the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Convention and the Women’s Basketball Final Four, 29 March – 1 April 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. Excited to be at the conference, Liz says, “the 2018 Conference is themed, Connect, Learn, Recognize, and Grow. These principles resonate deeply with our own core values and I really look forward to this year’s WBCA presentations and keynote speakers. One of the best parts of conventions like this one, is that we get the opportunity to catch up with clients, friends and new contacts in the buzzing environment of the Final Four. Athlete Assessments

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – December 2017

The end of 2017 is drawing near fast so we’re wrapping up an outstanding year with some useful videos and valuable reflections in our latest articles. Enjoy our December newsletter and we look forward to seeing you at one of this month’s conferences or in the new year. 5 MINUTE VIDEOS What’s On and Where We’re Going to Be There’s a lot going on during December and we hope to see you at some of these events too: The Alliance of Women Coaches Academies: Denver Colorado, November 29th to December 2nd 2017. The 43rd NCAA Women Coaches Academy and first Academy 2.0 run concurrently and have an exceptional line up of speakers, including Athlete Assessments’ Liz Masen. Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference: Gold Coast Queensland (hosted by Griffith University), November 29th to December 1st 2017. Laren Dyer from Athlete Assessments will be heading up our exhibit at the SMAANZ Conference. National Fastpitch Coaches Association Convention: Las Vegas Nevada (Bally Hotel & Casino), December 6th to 9th 2017. Make sure you visit the Athlete Assessments exhibit in the NFCA Marketplace. Women’s Golf Coaches Association Convention: Las Vegas Nevada (Planet Hollywood), December 10th to 13th 2017. The WGCA

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – October 2017

This update contains something for everyone! We put the spotlight on some of our outstanding clients who share their stories and insights, let you in on our own Team Day, introduce our new staff, cover a highly-requested topic on communication strategies and delve into a ‘learning the hard way’ case study. Breaking News! Before we get started… if you are in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, there are limited places left in our upcoming ‘Team Culture Toolkit’ workshop – these will sell-out. Details are below but if you don’t want to miss your opportunity to participate, jump online immediately. (Check out the special ‘bring a friend’ offer too.) 5 MINUTE VIDEOS WHAT’S ON & WHATS NEW THE ‘TEAM CULTURE TOOLKIT’ DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPFrom junior sport to Olympic and professional teams, the impact of team culture on results is consistent and profound. It is the foundation we need to get right to achieve success, on and off the field. This workshop is a complete ‘how to’ in developing and sustaining an effective team culture. It is jam-packed with activities and provides you with a complete toolkit to use with your own team. BRISBANE | Tuesday 14th November – 9am to 4pm  |  QAS

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – May 2017

We are celebrating another two National Championships this month! We’re proud to notch up six in the last 18 months for clients we work with. So, in this edition, we celebrate and showcase some amazing Coaches. Some are multiple Champions, others have turned their program around in the very first year and another has made an incredibly successful transition from Championship player to Championship Coach. Enjoy our Monster May edition with plenty to read, watch and inspire you over the northern summer! 5 MINUTE VIDEOS WHAT’S AHEAD? NASSM – North American Society for Sport Management, Denver COFrom May 31th – June 3rd Athlete Assessments will once again be exhibiting at the 2017 North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) Conference, presented by the Division of Sport Management at Texas A&M University. You can meet our Head of Operations, Laren Dyer, who will be manning the stand for the first time and Liz Masen, Client Director will be there in the afternoons. Find out more. NCAA Women’s Coaching Academy, Denver COThe NCAA Women Coaches Academy’s are on once again from May 31 – June 3, and June 15 – June 18 in Denver, Colorado. Liz Masen will be presenting sessions on

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – March 2017

Are you mad that it’s March already? Well don’t get mad, get reading!Here’s our first update for 2017 covering some of the most relevant topics in sport in our latest articles and videos. Welcome to our March newsletter. 5 MINUTE VIDEOS 9 THINGS TOUGH ATHLETES DO (Free Workbook to Download)We have been loving the phenomenal feedback from our clients who have purchased the ATHLETE TOUGH™ program. But what about those who literally have zero budget or not quite sure what it is about and want a tiny taste? Well, we’ve developed a fun and effective mini-Workbook to get you started titled ‘9 Things Tough Athletes Do’. Actions speak louder than words so take action now to download your copy of this FREE workbook! Get it now. WHAT’S AHEAD?  Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Convention, Dallas TXAthlete Assessments will be at the 2017 Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Convention from Thursday, March 30 – Sunday, April 2 with Bo Hanson returning to present on the topics “Recruiting for What Your Team Really Needs: Improving Recruiting Success” and “When Talent isn’t Enough: Game Plan for Winning with People”. The Convention will take place at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Athlete Assessments will also be exhibiting at Booth B. Find

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – December 2016

Welcome to the final update for 2016. The Athlete Assessments Team has had a big year and we trust you have had many big wins, on and off ‘the field’ too. Enjoy this latest newsletter and we will get in early to wish you, your team and your family Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year ahead. We look forward to working with you again in 2017 and contributing to your success!

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – September 2016

While we eagerly await the start of the Paralympic Games, this special Olympic issue starts with our wrap up on Rio so far. We share the latest research on ‘superelites’, hit some tough topics and give you behind the scenes insights from some of our inspirational clients. We’re sure you’ll enjoy and value what’s included in our latest newsletter…

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – May 2016

We’ve had an exciting first half of 2016 at Athlete Assessments and we trust you have enjoyed a successful start to the year too. This issue we are hitting the tough topics. Bo Hanson shows us how to better coach Millennials and shares four core lessons we can learn from underdogs Leicester City. We also look at what makes an athlete truly resilient, and ultimately – what makes them ATHLETE TOUGH! Enjoy.

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – February 2016

Hello and Welcome to 2016!Being the best athlete FOR the team rather than the best athlete ON the team is an important concept we work on with our clients. We kick off this edition of our newsletter with a video on this very topic. Plus, we cover breaking a losing streak, recruiting, coach interviews, athlete resiliency and much more! Let’s get started…

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – November 2015

Right now we are celebrating another of our clients winning their National Championship, the fourth of our clients during 2015 (and that’s a new record for us too)! With 2016 fast approaching, the focus moves to the goals ahead and it’s a great time to get plans in place to make the new year exceptional. Let’s get started…

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – May 2015

There’s been more time than usual between our newsletters but we’ve made it worth the wait.  You’ll love what we have installed for you in this edition… we tackle some hot topics in our new video blog, have some great new coaching resources and loads more!  Let’s get started.

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After a successful career in sport including four Olympics and three Olympic Medals, Bo co-founded and developed Athlete Assessments in 2007. Bo now focuses on working with clients to achieve their own success on and off ‘the field’, and has attained an unmatched track-record in doing exactly this.

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