Client Quotes and Case Studies from University Academics

We appreciate that you are most interested in honest feedback directly from clients as it is the most reliable and credible way to gauge the quality of our Academic Program and the service we provide. Below are quotes and case studies of our University Academic clients who use Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles and our specialized services for their classes or courses.

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Dr. Charles “Hal” Wilson
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Georgia Southern University

“We chose to incorporate the CoachDISC Profile because we thought it complimented the curriculum and would add value to the course. The feedback we have received from students has resoundingly confirmed that this was the right choice. Many students often comment that they were cynical of the value of the CoachDISC prior to the course, but after completing it found it very useful in reflecting on and improving their coaching and personal interactions.”

Dr. Marlene Dixon
Former President, North American Society for Sport Management;

Professor & Ph.D. Program Coordinator, Texas A&M University

“My experience with Athlete Assessments and the Sports ManagerDISC profile has been invaluable for students.  I find that they learn about their own behavioral styles- BUT- where the lights really come on is an awareness of how they behave relative to others with whom they work—how they conflict and complement each other, how they approach and solve problems differently, and how their behaviors impact and are impacted by the styles of others.”

Dr. Clay Bolton
Assistant Professor
Texas A&M University Commerce

“Students develop self-awareness and the ability to work with each other and prospective employers by using Athlete Assessments DISC Profiles. Their profiles create an understanding of their own behavioral tendencies, style of communication and the preferred behavior of the people in their class, group or team. Students find that these are invaluable tools that they can use in the workforce and to sell themselves to prospective employers.”

Dr. Robert Mathner
Associate Professor
Troy University, Alabama

“Working with Athlete Assessments has been a great partnership and I know our students benefit from the service and follow-up. The team has been outstanding. Students become aware of themselves and others and discover techniques to engage so that the team objectives can be met. The other benefit from the Sports ManagerDISC is that from an interview process, our students can use the feedback from the assessment to better prepare for interview questions/interviews.”

Brandon Urry
Program Coordinator for Masters of Arts in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“I fully recommend including this in your Sport Management Program. It has been a great tool for my students to not only develop their own strengths, but to help them be more fully self-aware on what they need to work on to be better. It’s also a tremendous tool for students to spot strengths in other coworkers/interns/employees they may work with and know how to better manage/collaborate/plan with them. The Athlete Assessments team have been nothing but great to work with and are very easy to communicate with.”

Sara Lopez, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Leadership in Athletics
University of Washington

“In preparing students for a career in sports leadership, Athlete Assessments’ Sports ManagerDISC Profile is a cornerstone tool in our students’ development of self-understanding, enhanced collaboration skills for team project, and effective communication strategies to engage with various stakeholders on the job. Bo and Liz provide a valuable service beyond the DISC profile assessment. Their facilitation of customized sessions with students over Skype, resource explanations through video introductions, and creative strategies for maximizing the use of DISC with our students have enriched it’s place in our graduate program curriculum. What I appreciate most is their deep understanding and passionate commitment to the application of DISC in developing responsive, effective sport leaders.”


Robert E. Baker Ed.D
Director, Center for Sport Management
George Mason University

“The class went extremely well. The students were very impressed, and it led not only to more discussion last week, but more to come next week. The variety of student profiles, and the accuracy with which the profiles connected to each individual, was a great starting point for both self-reflection, and leadership insights. It definitely fits well in this course. Well done.”

Dr. Steve Estes
Professor of Leisure and Sport Management

Middle Tennessee State University

“Finding a tool where students can become more self-aware has just been an excellent experience for my students. They implicitly know that what they are learning is more important than the grade they get in the class. Incredibly positive comments about the instrument. Students feel that I truly care about them knowing themselves better. And that is true. But I’ve never had a tool that made this point so explicit.”

David P. Hedlund, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Sport Management
St. John’s University

“The value of the partnership I have with Athlete Assessments is that while most activities undergraduate and graduate students do involves learning something new about a new topic in sports, using Sports ManagerDISC and having students critically analyze themselves and engage in 360-degree evaluations of who they are and how their behavioral patterns can benefit a sport organization, helps to create more employment-ready students and benefits students in both the short- and long-term.”

Kinzee Salo

Teaching Specialist in Coaching

University of Minnesota

“[DISC] helps my students grasp the different styles of individuals they will probably come in to contact with. And while everyone is not one specific style, it helps them understand or start to think about relationships they have in their own lives and why they get along better with some people over others.”


“Having Liz come in to talk to my class was amazing. It was so nice to have a day with her to walk the class through DISC and thoroughly explain it, it was just so important. The activities she does in class help students grasp a thorough understanding of DISC and allows them to apply it to any aspect of coaching… Many of them talked about DISC in their final projects and how they are going to apply it to their coaching, so our work with Athlete Assessments is crucial for our course.”


Jim Tennison
Program Director
Master of Arts in Sport Management
Dallas Baptist University

“I am finding so many great uses for DISC in communication, motivation and all things ‘people’. From leadership, communication skills, helping with students’ researching, and planning career paths.”

Christopher Atwater, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Troy University

“I cannot tell you how many times a student has told me something along the lines of, ‘I was very impressed with DISC and what I learned from the experience. At first, I thought it was just going to be a waste of time and money, but I really learned a lot about myself, and how to work with others.’ Once they have their profile and have read their reports, they get to see it all play out through different class exercises.”


Bryan Beigie

Practicum and Internship Coordinator in Exercise Science Sports Studies

John Carroll University

Athlete Assessments offers our students the opportunity to learn about who they are, and who they might be in their profession using a unique tool that many undergraduates are unaware of. Often, we see students take personality and self-interest assessments to learn about the individual. Athlete Assessments, however, provides behavioral analysis. Students can use this tool and workbook far past graduation as a tool for continuous reflection and growth.

Dr. Steve Swanson
Director of the Sport Business and Leadership
Loughborough University London

“Working with Athlete Assessments has contributed a great deal to our class in terms of understanding key aspects of leadership and group dynamics. Having such an accomplished athlete and individual like Bo Hanson provide straightforward insight directly to our students has been a huge asset. This has been a tremendous experience. The attention to detail and personal approach by the entire staff of Athlete Assessments has been fantastic, and I would highly recommend them to universities, teams, and any other organizations in the sport industry.”

Maria Bartini

Professor of Sport Psychology

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA)

“My sport psychology students truly value their opportunity to learn through Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles. Their self-reflection papers and other assignments throughout the semester suggest that they make deep connections between what they learn in their profiles and the supplemental materials, and their own lives. It’s not unusual for students in their third or fourth year to tell me they wish they’d completed the DISC in their first year. It may have helped their athletic and academic careers enormously!”

Jacob Tingle
Assistant Professor
Trinity University Texas

“Our students take the Sports ManagerDISC Profile early in the semester as a way for them to develop a strong sense of understanding of who they are. I firmly hold that the DISC Profile is an excellent way to allow students, future leaders themselves, this important first step; a deep understanding of self.”

“We also use the DISC Profiling to assemble teams for group assignments. In this way it helps students facilitate the growth of relationships and recognize the importance of fostering collaboration to achieving common goals.”

Jacob Tingle Headshot

Alyssa Tavormina, Ph.D.
Program Director, Sport Management Master’s Program
University of Florida

“They are wonderful to work with and always willing to customize the Sports ManagerDISC Profile according to the class’ needs. I have received nothing but superb feedback from my students who use the assessment to help develop their own professional leadership dossier.”

Gonzalo Bravo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in Sport Management
West Virginia University

“The value of the Sports ManagerDISC is that it provides critical information about an individual’s own traits. I used the Sports ManagerDISC for the first time in my sport leadership course, and students were very impressed with how much they learned about their own behavioral styles as applied to different scenarios of real work environments.”

Dr Scott Douglas Headshot

Dr. Scott Douglas

Associate Professor, Advanced Principles of Coaching

University of Northern Colorado

“At the University of Northern Colorado it’s all about application… Self-awareness is the fundamental building block to building a true coaching philosophy and then throughout the development process as a coach… Through the CoachDISC and guest lectures with Liz, the partnership helps me provide the opportunity for my students to begin to build a foundation for their coaching philosophy and coaching behaviors (and style). This is their first chance to self-reflect within the context of coaching and Athlete Assessments helps facilitate their early growth and development as an effective coach.”

Dominic Morais
Assistant Professor of Sport Management

Trinity University

“Working with Athlete Assessments has provided me with comfort and confidence in the form of resources and expertise. I could have provided a low quality explanation and teaching plan revolving around the DISC profile as I attempted to set up and manage group projects in class. That approach, however, would be a disservice to students. Instead, I am fortunate enough to have individuals whose expertise elicits respect from students. Knowing that everything DISC related will be handled by Athlete Assessments allows me to continue including an incredible long-term asset in my class, while more efficiently constructing other facets of class in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Dominic Morais Trinity University

Cameron Kiosoglous, Ph.D.

Program Director, Master of Science in Sport Coaching Leadership

Drexel University

“Instead of our course conversations focusing on the technical and tactical like, ‘what’s my strategy in the last two minutes of the game’, or ‘where should I put my best player’; with the use of tools like Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles, the dialogue has moved to focusing on why it’s important to have that conversation, when to have it, and how to have it.”

Jacqueline Mueller, Ph.D.

Sport Leadership Lecturer

Loughborough University

“Whenever I am invited to deliver a leadership class, I recommend integrating Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles into the course as I truly believe they offer very valuable insights for participants. Working with Athlete Assessments has been absolutely great, and the team does everything to make the integration of the DISC as easy as possible. Both students and clients really value learning more about themselves and their behavioral tendencies. Many of them feel like their Athlete Assessments DISC Profile is a very accurate reflection of their natural tendencies.”

Jacqueline mueller_ISB

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