Exceeding New Levels of Excellence: Bo Hanson and Athlete Assessments Recognized in the 2023 AITD Excellence Awards

Kate von Euw
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We've got STELLAR news!

If you’re familiar with us at Athlete Assessments, you’ll know we often ask our clients: ‘What does Winning look like for you?’

So if you asked our team in October 2023, we’d say…THIS!!

Our team are incredibly excited and honored to share that at the 2023 Australian Institute of Training & Development (AITD) Excellence Awards Gala Dinner, Athlete Assessments Founder & Lead Consultant, Bo Hanson was announced as the winner of the Dr Alastair Rylatt Award for L&D Professional of the Year! 

As a company, we were also fortunate to have been named a finalist for Best Capability Program for our Elite Team Program, tailored for the Mississippi State Women’s Division I Volleyball team, coached by Julie Darty Dennis.

As the AITD detailed in a press release,

“The AITD Excellence Awards recognize outstanding achievements in learning and development, setting new benchmarks for our members, recognizing, rewarding and sharing quality and innovation across the learning and development spectrum.”

We’ve previously written an article on driving leadership within a wider program, featuring Julie Darty Dennis as Head Coach at Mississippi State Volleyball, read it here.

Dr Alastair Rylatt Award for L&D Professional of the Year

The Dr Alastair Rylatt Award for L&D Professional of the Year highlights the significant contribution made by an individual to the learning and development industry over the last 18 months. Furthermore, this Award focuses on the demonstration of consistently high-quality leadership, skill, and knowledge development across the wider community.

Within his joint role as Director and Lead Consultant of Athlete Assessments and Team8, Bo Hanson has been consistently working within both sport and business over the last 25 years, delivering coach, leadership, and large-scale team development initiatives.

Watch the video below on our application for Bo Hanson as Dr Alastair Rylatt L&D Professional of the Year.

Play Video about (Winner) AITD Application_Mississippi State Video Cover

Best Capability Building Program

The AITD Award for Best Capability Building Program is focused on the implementation of a capability building program that enhances individual or team performance and contributes to overall positive organizational performance.

Given Athlete Assessments’ extensive work with teams, athletes, and coaches in high-performance sport, it was only fitting that our application for Best Capability Building Program featured one of our highly successful clients, the Mississippi State University Women’s Volleyball team, coached by Julie Darty Dennis.

Watch the video below on our work with Mississippi State Volleyball for our application for Best Capability Building Program.

Play Video about AITD Application_Mississippi State Video Cover

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Bo Hanson

Senior Consultant & Director

Bo Hanson’s career within the sport and the business sector spans over 25 years, delivering leadership, management, and coach development. In addition to his own athletic career comprising of four Olympic appearances and including three Olympic medals, Bo has worked for many years with coaches and athletes from over 40 different sports across the globe. Bo was also the winner of the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) 2023 Award for L&D Professional of the Year, for his dedication to L&D and transformational work across various industries.

After a successful career in sport including four Olympics and three Olympic Medals, Bo co-founded and developed Athlete Assessments in 2007. Bo now focuses on working with clients to achieve their own success on and off ‘the field’, and has attained an unmatched track-record in doing exactly this.

Headshot Bo
BoRowing-Atlanta Olympics

Now, watch us interrupt him for a round of quick fire questions.