There Is An I In Team by Mark De Rond

Liz Masen
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What Elite Athletes and Coaches Really Know About high-performance

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There Is An I In Team by Mark De RondWhy we recommend it:  An interesting book with many fascinating coaching stories, well worth the read for those who love getting an insight into other sports programs. Read our book review for a more detail. Upfront, you should know that this is a business book that looks at the sporting world for ways that the business world can improve individual and team performance. This book hasn’t been written for sports people, but as someone involved in sport, it is still extremely valuable and you’ll end up with many pages marked.

Book Overview:  There Is an I in Team by Mark De Rond explores the relationship between individual and team—asking the question, How can we harness the talent of individual performers into a cohesive, productive team that creates overall value? And why are so many of our assumptions about teams wrong? Business challenges mimic many of the issues facing sports teams, though admittedly the sports metaphors most commonly used in business are trite and superficial comparisons. What’s needed are real and substantial lessons that managers actually can take from the world of high-performance sports and use in an everyday work environment. This book meets that need.  University of Cambridge professor Mark de Rond has combined cutting-edge social and psychological research with rich stories from world-class sports teams, coaches, athletes, and even business executives. The result challenges our most popular notions about teams. Equally critical, it teaches an innovative way to transform team potential into measurable business advantage.

Click here to buy There Is An I In Team by Mark De Rond on Amazon now.

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