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If you missed out on our previous webinars, never fear because we’ve created a catalogue of them here for you to watch back the recordings. Simply fill out the forms below for each webinar you would like to watch, and we’ll be sure to invite you to join us for our next open webinar. 

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Return, Reset, Restart Your Team Culture

Hosted by our own Bo Hanson (4x Olympian and Athlete Assessments’ Director), and featuring a panel of four special guest coaches that we respect for their different perspectives and roles in driving their team culture, our July 2021 open webinar focused on returning, resetting, and restarting your team culture. We look at the different experiences our international coaching panel have each been dealt in relation to building and driving team culture, providing examples and strategies you can apply to make your team sustainably successful. This webinar is a must-see webinar provides unique insights into this highly relevant topic for coaches of all sports. 


Choosing Captains and Leadership Development within your Team

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If you waiver on how to select your team captains or leadership group, or are looking for more effective ways to develop leadership within your team, or these topics fascinate you, then this webinar with Bo Hanson is for you! Every coach knows the value of having capable leaders and captains on their team. We all know it helps positively impact team success and the type of culture which can deliver sustainable results over time, and it ensures future leaders are developed through positive role models.

Often, teams have more than the standard captain and vice-captain duo, appointing a senior group of leaders to steer the team from within – we explore the pros and cons of the size and roles. Importantly, we tackle the different ways captains and leaders are selected to avoid a ‘popularity contest’, and we address the challenges and opportunities of developing leadership skills. This session will also focus on understanding leadership styles, and exploring real life strategies to enrich your team’s success on and off ‘the field’.

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Closure on 2020 & What to Take Into 2021

In the pre-holiday season of December, our first open-invitation webinar was focused on bringing closure to all that was 2020 and preparing for the new year ahead. While the first day in January may not have been a magical day that erased the year before, it was a milestone and first step into 2021. Watch back the webinar with Bo Hanson as he shared some useful insights and effective strategies to make the remaining year ahead, your best yet. Bo outlined his observations on the year behind us and what he sees as the priorities moving forward.

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