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We appreciate that you are most interested in honest feedback directly from clients as it is the most reliable and credible way to gauge the quality of our assessments and services used within leadership and professional development programs. Below are quotes and case studies about clients who use Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles in their leadership and professional development work.

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Katie Simet
Assistant Director for Academic Services
Marquette University Athletics

“Using DISC has been instrumental to our leadership programming. It has provided common language, tools for improving communication, and ultimately a road map for our students to grow and develop. We are able to slowly unpack the DISC to help students grow in understanding and awareness. With this tool, they understand themselves, their teammates and their coaches better. We have also been able to have some conversations about how DISC can help with mental health. Students acknowledged that understanding themselves and understanding their teammates helped them better understand how to provide support to a struggling teammate.”

Wayne Grant
high-performance Manager
Touch Football Australia

“Using DISC Profiles broadened our awareness of behaviors and communication styles and how it relates to improved performance. We value Athlete Assessments’ depth of experience and knowledge in working with team sports, coach development and their ability to relate to our coaches and players in a practical way.”

Sarah Leberman
Professor of Leadership
Massey University, New Zealand

“Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles are an excellent tool for helping people understand both themselves and others. I have used the card game with a number of groups who cannot afford the full online assessment – and it works really well – both in the sport and corporate environment.”


“I am very grateful for the approach made to me a few years ago to become a consultant – I am very proud to be able to work with you (Athlete Assessments) to help teams reach their full potential.”


Jackie Brown
Head Coach of Queensland South U18 Women’s State Team and Assistant Coach for the U17 Women’s National Team, Basketball Australia

“The CoachDISC Profile was truly one of the of the highlights and an extremely crucial starting point for my development and betterment as a person, coach, and leader. Players look for that authenticity.  How can I be the best version of myself if I do not know who I am. Bo’s face to face analysis, and observer feedback component presented truths, reality, and a deeper understanding of myself and my athletes, which I needed to discover to be true to myself and authentic for my athletes. Having a deep level of understanding and insight into the behavior, profiles, and type of athlete, is so crucial to the efficiency of the learning, planning, the ability to connect with each athlete, and build that relationship, trust, and culture that successful teams reflect.”


Brian Townsend

Director of Student-Athlete Leadership Development

University of Michigan

“Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles are a foundation for the growth mindset, a base for student-athletes to explore their unique strengths and styles, build on their unique leadership style, and begin engaging in the team development conversation. It’s like a kitten looking in the mirror and seeing a lion, our student-athletes see themselves in a totally different way. They understand that they can’t be everything, but they know what they bring is valued.”

Sara Wegmann

President & Founder, Her Next Play

“Because the DISC is used so extensively with athletes, and self-awareness and reflection are critical foundations for personal development, we thought it would be a great fit for our Rookie Career Accelerator Program too. Through completing Athlete Assessments’ business version of DISC, the Team8 DISC Profile, our Rookie Career Accelerator participants were provided with valuable career skills to understand the impact their style may have on those they work with and where potential conflict may arise by learning more about how other behavioral styles interact with their own.”


Katrina Hibbert
WNBL Sydney Uni Flames, Head Basketball Coach, Basketball Australia

“Learning through the DISC model has given me a self-awareness of knowing what works for me as a coach and what doesn’t. It’s also given me an insight into which behaviors are most effective for the individuals I coach, along with my team as a whole, and how to adapt to certain situations which is helping me become an overall better leader.”

Matthew Wilkie
Coaching Pathway Services Manager
Australian Rugby Union

“The CoachDISC Profiling is a practical way to emphasize to coaches the importance of understanding how people communicate, interact and respond to different approaches; of thinking beyond the technical/tactical; as well as better understanding for coaches of ‘how’ they coach and do what they do. Athlete Assessments adds value to our course through expert delivery of information in an area that complements and integrates with the ARU coaching development approach.”

1_Kristen Veal

Kristen Veal

Head Coach of Basketball Australia’s Centre of Excellence Women’s Program,

Basketball Australlia

“Through completing my CoachDISC Profile and unpacking it with Bo to have a better understanding of what it all means, I have learned more about how I think, behave, and relate to others. I’ve learned about the strengths of my behaviors, and how to consciously adapt behaviors to have more worthwhile interactions with other coaches, management, and players. The 360 allowed me to get an abundance of feedback from a range of people that may have taken years to gather without this process – working through this has allowed me to identify some key development areas, as well as take a moment to reflect on the work and the impact I am making.”

Dee Butler

Head Coach of the Hume City Broncos Championship Senior Women (Big V League) Team, 

and U19 National Head Coach, Basketball Australia

“In the past, I have been involved in seminars where communication and leadership styles have been workshopped, however not to the same length and detail as the CoachDISC profiling. I found it extremely valuable and eye-opening. It gave me a number of areas to be proud of and a number of areas to focus on in multiple ways. The follow up consult with Bo not only allowed me to break down my strengths and weaknesses, but to understand how to identify traits and behaviors in the athletes I coach. I had never really considered the importance of this during recruiting and the impact it may have on a team’s culture and overall buy-in.”

Dee Butler
Los Angeles Rams staff and volunteers visit US Vets Inglewood for beautification of their patio space during the Rams annual visit on Veterans Day. Volunteers build new tables, repaint the community patio, and add new shaded tents for veterans. Inglewood, CA, Friday, November 13, 2020. (Will Navarro/Rams)

David Weingarten

Manager of Community Affairs and Engagement

Los Angeles Rams

“We engaged Athlete Assessments to guide the students of our Rams Pathways to Success Program through the self-awareness piece of the program. Each participant and their mentor completed a Sports ManagerDISC Profile in preparation for the workshop session with Bo. Overall, the program in combination with Athlete Assessments’ DISC materials created an authentic environment to build relationships between our students. It’s something you don’t expect to happen but to see those relationships develop naturally is so fantastic.”

Carleigh Collins
Director of Compliance
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

“Athlete Assessments went above and beyond our expectations and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our coaches, staff and student-athletes. I am so happy that many of our coaches took advantage of meeting with Bo one-on-one today and learning about the different ways they can apply these new skills moving forward with their teams. Bo is very engaging and the student-athletes are responding to him very well. I am very pleased with our student-athletes’ attendance! We’ve already heard great feedback today!”

Dylan Hides
Coach Education Coordinator
National Rugby League

“The use of CoachDISC Profiles helps in understanding how people behave, why they behave in a certain way and simple strategies to deal with a variety of personalities whether they be coaches, players, stakeholders. Athlete Assessments have added value to our program with relevant strategies and solutions in ways which we can improve as coaches and get the best from our players.”

Johnathan Franklin

Director of Social Justice and Football Development

Los Angeles Rams

“We brought Athlete Assessment on board to deliver self-awareness workshops as part of our Rams Pathways to Success program. After they completed a Sports ManagerDISC Profile, Bo guided the students through the process of exploring their strengths, the way they communicate, and how they like to build relationships. Post program surveys show that the component of self-discovery was one of the most popular elements of the program. Feedback consistently says that people wished they had the benefit of developing their self-awareness skills earlier. Ultimately, one of the pathways to success is understanding who you are, it allows you to create your own pathway.”

Johnathan Franklin-LA Rams

The NCAA Women Coaches Academy (WCA) celebrated its 30th program in 2013, and continues to be the most respected and sought after coach development program available to female coaches in the United States. Read more about Athlete Assessments’ involvement and the way the assessments are used in this exemplary program.

Many programs, despite the best of intentions, struggle to reap the rewards of mentoring. However, setting itself apart is the mentor-based scholarships offered by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to prominent up-and-coming referees and sporting officials. This internationally award winning program incorporates Athlete Assessments’ profiles and tailored services.

Lawrie Woodman
Coaching Development Manager

“Using the CoachDISC provides a systematic approach and direction towards understanding yourself and your personal style in relationships; and understanding and relating to your players. We have a long and solid relationship with Athlete Assessments which delivers an essential service in the development of high-performance coaches. This expertise integrates well with other activities and messages we believe are important.” 

Rob Sherman
Head of Coach Education
Football Federation Australia

“Using the CoachDISC really makes the coach find out about themselves and consider the behaviors of others. Manage self and manage others are key components and DISC is fundamental to this. What I most value about working with Athlete Assessments is the strong liaison in developing the program to meet the needs of the candidate in a bespoke manner related to the sport. The attention to detail and support provided to each candidate and the regular feedback is exceptional.”

Stewart Briggs

Performance Coach


“Acceleration will go through a period of significant growth in the next 3 years with the intention of licensing out Acceleration programs across Australia. Athlete Assessments will be an important part of that growth as we interact with people with renewed confidence.”

Larissa Anderson

Assistant Coach of the Melbourne Boomers WNBL Team, Basketball Australia


“The mix of a professional business perspective that Liz Masen brought to our discussions, and the professional high-performance sport perspective that Bo Hanson brings, broadened my own perspective and directions that aren’t the run of the mill, what everyone else sees, concepts and ideas.”

Larissa Coaching image 7

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Leadership and people skills impact whether the team wins or loses, whether people are loyal to the program or leave, and overall how much people enjoy their sport. And yet professional development and leadership training is often neglected or not given the time and resources it needs. Whether you’re updating an existing program or launching a new initiative, Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles can further enhance your program. Find out how your professional development and leadership training can be transformed.

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After a successful career in sport including four Olympics and three Olympic Medals, Bo co-founded and developed Athlete Assessments in 2007. Bo now focuses on working with clients to achieve their own success on and off ‘the field’, and has attained an unmatched track-record in doing exactly this.

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