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One of the great things about elite sport is that it’s acutely measurable. Whether it’s race results or the scoreboard, the outcome is always clear. At Athlete Assessments, we know what drives those results – equipment doesn’t win championships, people do.

Our Success

The People Side

An enormous effort is required to achieve successful results and numerous elements contribute. A critical component is our area of focus – the people side.

We specialize in helping our clients create and sustain winning results by providing a range of performance tools including DISC behavior profiling, performance reviews, and relevant and useful resources. Each has a unique focus on sport and achieving winning outcomes.


We’re incredibly proud of our existing track record helping clients get the people side of sport right.

Ultimately, our success is measured by our client’s results. In early 2022, Athlete Assessments celebrated 15 years in business. Much has happened in sport over the last two decades, but what hasn’t changed is the need to constantly focus on the elements that deliver top performances.

Performance through people

Valuing the ‘people side’ of sport as the primary driver of performance.

Our values

In 2020, we redefined our values to ensure they’re shared by all members of the Athlete Assessments team. In 2022, these values remain, each resonating with and revisited by every member of our team in all that we do.

Our Goals

Athlete Assessments was created to provide a suite of behavioral profiling tools for athletes, coaches, and sports administrators to improve performance and reach their true potential. Engaging our services sends a strong positive message to your people that they are respected and valued, and their organization wants to support them in being the very best they can be. Our goal is to provide coaches, athletes, and sports administrators with excellent resources to support their development. Few things are more inspiring than to see others improving themselves. Please join us on this exciting journey in elite sport.

Our History

Athlete Assessments was founded by Bo Hanson, four-time Australian Olympian and three-time Olympic bronze medal winner in rowing. Prior to retiring from his competitive career in 2004, Bo became an expert in DISC behavioral theory and application. At that time, DISC profiling was most relevant to those in the business world. While it was useful to Bo as an athlete, he observed that it wasn’t designed to meet the specific needs of sport.

Working with a team of passionate experts including sports coaches, IT developers and other DISC accredited professionals, Bo developed the AthleteDISC Profile and founded Athlete Assessments in 2007. This was followed by the release of the CoachDISC Profile in early 2009 specifically for coaches and trainers, and the Sports ManagerDISC Profile was launched in 2011 as the latest professional development tool specifically for sports administrators and other sports professionals.

Over the last decade or so, Athlete Assessments has continued to innovate and extend on their portfolio of services and products available, and made them available in other languages such as Japanese and Hungarian.  Athlete Assessments now works with some of the top sport psychologists, consultants, teams and coaches, university programs and sports organizations. Our client list reflects the quality work we do and the results we achieve with them.

Meet the Athlete Assessments Team!

We believe in the power of people and what we can achieve together when we are connected, contribute and go beyond. We are proud to introduce our exceptional team to you.

Global Perspective with a Personal Connection

While we’re based in Australia, a large part of our work is in the USA and around the world. Our global perspective means we’re continually looking at how we can improve your performance on a world stage, with world-class resources.

We utilize cutting edge programs and methodology in line with developments in sporting culture to give our clients the competitive edge.

At the end of 2019, we relocated our headquarters from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane to be closer to our clients, the international airport and support services. We strive to maintain a personal connection utilizing developments in technology to deliver seminars, training and an exceptional level of customer service.

We’re unrivaled in our field to make sure you’re unrivaled in yours.

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