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It’s often state of the art equipment, multi-million dollar facilities or the latest technology that grabs people’s attention. Yet when we look at the teams who achieve success time and time again, it’s rarely due to their hardware.

“Developing a winning team culture is not a rite of passage. It is a process requiring deliberate planning, careful execution and steadfast focus.”

Equipment doesn’t win Championships.
People do.

One of the benefits of working with so many different teams each year is the continuous insights gained into what really makes the difference for sustained sporting success. Bringing a group of people together to forge a high performing team is no simple exercise. It doesn’t happen by itself, nor is it a ‘matter of time’. The best coaches understand the intricacies, focus and persistence it takes.

Consistent themes emerge when we look at what it takes to be successful as a team:

Being deliberate in growing team culture

Setting and maintaining high standards on a daily basis

Engaging athletes to take personal responsibility for their behavior and results

Taking a genuine interest and care for athletes as people first

While team development and culture are enormous topics, we’ve captured the essence of what is most impactful to improve sporting performance with our Team Programs. 

No matter the size of your team, we tailor a Team Program to match your exact needs. We complement the DISC profiling (any combination of the AthleteDISC, CoachDISC and Sports ManagerDISC Profiles) with a series of consultations overtime to debrief the results and to focus on how to best implement and use the results with your team. We also provide you with a big package of coach resources (including the Coach’s Playbook, DISC Card Game and lots more), have the option for a leadership boost for your captains, and look after full administration and support. The consultations ensure that you are maximizing the value of the investment and focus specifically on your team. It is all about making it tailored for your team, relevant and effective in practice and competition – and most importantly, improving performance and getting results!

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Athlete Assessments' Team Program has everything you need!

No matter the size of your team, we tailor a program to match your exact needs. Our Team Programs include DISC Profiling, together with a series of consultations with Bo Hanson and the Coach’s Resources Pack. The aim is to ensure that the information from the profiling is useful and put into practice. It’s all about improving performance and getting results. Guaranteed.


disc profiles

We have your whole team covered with our AthleteDISC, CoachDISC, and SportsManagerDISC Profiles. We also provide the Team Dynamic Report and summaries.


Consultations, via video conference, ensure that you are maximizing the value of the investment and focusing specifically on your team. They cover the practical application of DISC Profiling to improve performance. Draw on our extensive experience and proven track record.


Coach’s Resources Pack

Rely on these quality resources and reference materials. The Coach’s DISC Playbook outlines fun and effective activities you can do with your team outside of the Consultations. There is also an extensive client-only video library you can access and many other extra resources too.

FULL Administrative SUPPORT

We make it easy for you. We look after all administration of the DISC Profiling and we pride ourselves on providing consistent and exceptional service. Just ask our existing clients!

the DISC CARD GAME included

The DISC Card Game has endless applications from icebreaker games to team building activities, small groups or large, following the basic instructions or utilizing the advanced options. 

It will be your go-to development tool!

Boost your team’s leadership

With any Team Program add a series of consultations specifically for your captains and team leadership group. This is an exceptional development opportunity to ensure key team members are equipped to drive higher performance through their leadership skills.

we have a full 100% guarantee that if you don’t find our service exceptional, then you don’t have to pay.

(We are confident in making this commitment as we’ve never had a client who hasn’t found working with us of value or seen significant improvements in their program.)

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Bo Hanson’s career within the sport and the business sector spans over 25 years, delivering leadership, management, and coach development. In addition to his own athletic career comprising of four Olympic appearances and including three Olympic medals, Bo has worked for many years with coaches and athletes from over 40 different sports across the globe. Bo was also the winner of the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) 2023 Award for L&D Professional of the Year, for his dedication to L&D and transformational work across various industries.

After a successful career in sport including four Olympics and three Olympic Medals, Bo co-founded and developed Athlete Assessments in 2007. Bo now focuses on working with clients to achieve their own success on and off ‘the field’, and has attained an unmatched track-record in doing exactly this.

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