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Sport Management, Coaching + Sport Science University Academic Programs

Preparing your students for ongoing success

In today’s competitive world, exceptional technical ability is assumed. What differentiates the most successful sports professionals is their ability to navigate the people side of sport.

Give your class a unique point of difference

Athlete Assessments’ Academic University Programs provides students with a solid foundation to successfully commence and build their careers in the sports industry. This dedicated program also gives lecturers access to a unique point of difference for their class that will encourage enrollments and improve opportunities for graduates. 

We provide full support from the time we review your syllabus to incorporate the components of the program, through to administration during the class and delivery of the guest lecture. Importantly, we tailor the program for the uniqueness of your class, curriculum and learning objectives. It brings the practical application of the people side of sport to your students’ class experience, to complement your current content. We make it relevant, impactful and current to the world of sport today.

Importantly, it is extremely popular with both students and staff – read some of our current client comments below. 

The success of your students reflects the success of your University Academic Program. Whether you teach Sport Management, Leadership, Sport Coaching, Sport and Health Sciences or Sports Psychology, provide your students with the skills which differentiate them when they enter the competitive sports industry.

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Benefits of the University Academic Program:

Develop the vital 'people skills' in your students that will help them stand out in the competitive employment market post-graduation.

Enjoy how easy it is. We provide full support and everything you need to ensure seamless integration into your class program.

Benefit from a tailored approach. For much less than the cost of a textbook, your students receive their personalized Sports ManagerDISC or CoachDISC profile report. The comprehensive learning guide, with a series of videos that reference each section, is also included.

Share the lectern with a four-time Olympian and experienced consultant or CEO of Athlete Assessments, who present the core material for you as a guest lecturer.

Embrace technology that your students will love with online assessment, resources, and video conferencing.

Access relevant and meaningful classroom exercises and projects which further enhance your students' learning and experience.

Read what our clients have to say...

“We chose to incorporate the CoachDISC Profile because we thought it complimented the curriculum and would add value to the course. The feedback we have received from students has resoundingly confirmed that this was the right choice.”

Dr Charles “Hal” Wilson

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Georgia Southern University

“Athlete Assessments went above and beyond our expectations and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our coaches, staff and student-athletes.”

Dr. Steve Swanson

Director of the Sport Business and Leadership, Loughborough University London

“Working with Athlete Assessments has been a great partnership and I know our students benefit from the service and follow-up. The team has been outstanding,”

Dr. Robert Mathner

Associate Professor, Troy University, Alabama

“The class went extremely well. The students were very impressed. The variety of student profiles, and the accuracy with which the profiles connected to each individual, was a great starting point for both self-reflection, and leadership insights. It definitely fits well in this course. Well done.”

Robert E. Baker Ed.D

Director, Center for Sport Management, George Mason University

“Students develop self-awareness and the ability to work with each other and prospective employers by using Athlete Assessments DISC Profiles. Students find that these are invaluable tools that they can use in the workforce and to sell themselves to prospective employers.”

Dr. Clay Bolton

Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University Commerce


“I am fortunate enough to have individuals whose expertise elicits respect from students. Knowing that everything DISC related will be handled by Athlete Assessments allows me to continue including an incredible long-term asset in my class.”

Dominic Morais

Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Trinity University

Athlete Assessments' has everything you need!

Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles are specifically tailored to sport.

disc profile

Each student completes a DISC Profile assessment

guest lecture

Guest lecture (via video conference ) by 4x Olympian, Bo Hanson, debriefs the students’ DISC Reports and is tailored to your class objectives

learning guide

200+ page Student Learning Guide including an accompanying video series

comprehensive video series

Videos match to the Learning Guide sections to explain content and facilitate key activities.

Your Students will find them engaging and educational

admin support

Full DISC Profile administration is managed for you

Read case studies and more about the program 'From the Classroom'

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