Athlete Assessments Newsletters – October 2017

This update contains something for everyone! We put the spotlight on some of our outstanding clients who share their stories and insights, let you in on our own Team Day, introduce our new staff, cover a highly-requested topic on communication strategies and delve into a ‘learning the hard way’ case study.

Breaking News! Before we get started… if you are in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, there are limited places left in our upcoming ‘Team Culture Toolkit’ workshop – these will sell-out. Details are below but if you don’t want to miss your opportunity to participate, jump online immediately. (Check out the special ‘bring a friend’ offer too.)

Athlete Assessments Team Day: We Walk Our Talk

Athlete Assessments’ Senior Coaching Consultant, Bo Hanson, walks his talk at the organization’s Team Day. In this article we give you exclusive access to our Team Day, a day we set aside to review our internal scoreboard, establish goals for the coming year, assess our achievements, spend time with new team members and revisit our purpose.

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Sports Consultant’s “All In” Attitude Accelerates Personal Growth

An “all in” attitude sees Sport Psychology Consultant Becky Ahlgren Bedics use every piece of herself to ensure her athletes, Coaches and athletic administrators are the very best they can be. In this article we put the spotlight on one of the in-demand consultants we work with and share her insights into the critical link between personal growth and athletic performance. She reveals a common problem faced by student–athletes and divulges the invaluable advice she gives to rookies. Her own career trajectory will inspire and inform.

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Evolution Equates to Success in Sport Coaching!

A Coach’s role is always evolving. Something Tom Kyle, Coach Development Manager for Basketball Queensland understands and loves about his job.

His role with Basketball Queensland means he’s responsible for developing some 2,000 Coaches at a club, association and school level throughout Queensland, Australia.

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5 Minutes with Bo Hanson: Environmental Impact

We believe that if you alter the environment, you alter the behavior that emerges from within it, this includes; individual behavior, team dynamics, accountability and trust. As Coaches (and sports administrators), our aim is to create an environment within our sports program or club that promotes and nourishes growth.

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From junior sport to Olympic and professional teams, the impact of team culture on results is consistent and profound. It is the foundation we need to get right to achieve success, on and off the field. This workshop is a complete ‘how to’ in developing and sustaining an effective team culture. It is jam-packed with activities and provides you with a complete toolkit to use with your own team.

  • BRISBANE | Tuesday 14th November – 9am to 4pm  |  QAS Lecture Room | Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre | Kessels Road, Nathan 4111
  • SYDNEY | Tuesday 21st November – 9am to 4pm  |  NRL Central, Learning Centre | Driver Ave, Moore Park 2021
  • MELBOURNE | Tuesday 28th November – 9am to 4pm  |  Sports House | 375 Albert Rd, Albert Park 3206

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Athlete Assessments Exhibit At 2017 AASP Conference in Florida, October 18 – 21, 2017.
Amidst the intersection of ideas at the Annual Conference of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), Athlete Assessments will be hosting an exhibit over the three-days. If you are heading to Orlando too, ensure to visit!


  • Jay McCracken joined the Athlete Assessments team in 2017, making an immediate and valuable impact. A rising star in the coaching ranks of elite basketball, Jay’s worked with some of the top professional and semi-professional basketball teams in Australia.  Importantly, he’s also coached state development teams and junior representative programs, his results are a direct reflection of his coaching ability and professionalism. It’s rare to find someone with his balance of strong technical skills, credibility and capacity to engage at this stage of his career.  The energy Jay brings to the workplace and sporting domain is contagious and exciting. He maintains his coaching roles while working as an integral member of the Athlete Assessments team and continuing his formal education. With a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science including a specialization in Coaching Science and Performance Enhancement already secured, Jay is underway with his Master’s degree. As a coach and a member of the Athlete Assessments team, Jay knows and demonstrates daily, the level of commitment and high standards it takes to be successful in elite sport.
  • When Mim Haigh joined Athlete Assessments in July 2017, she tasked herself with writing crisp and direct content. The kind of articles, webpages and resources that would carry the voices of the thousands of Coaches, athletes and administrators we support worldwide. She comes to us with professional, athletic and life experience. Professionally, Mim’s written for some of Australia’s most iconic organizations and events, including the Sydney Olympics and Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations. Academically, she has a degree in Humanities and is currently studying for a postgraduate degree in Communications and Journalism. As an undergraduate she held a scholarship at The Women’s College of The University of Sydney, one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious universities. As an athlete, Mim was a national level lightweight single sculler in the sport of rowing. When it comes to high-performance sport preparing you for life, Mim is passionate. In 2007 she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and within four years lost the functional use of her arms and legs. She works, raises a family and manages a team of ten support staff 24/7. Her exceptional ability to write is highly valued and her phenomenal approach to life is inspirational.

Reflections on the Recent Media about Bernard Tomic and Patrick Rafter
When it comes to Coaches and athletes, Tennis Australia is doing it tough. An article recently appeared in our news feed regarding the state of Australian Tennis, in particular the Davis Cup Team. Most tennis fans around the world would be aware of how Australia has some male players who have become infamous for their on and off court behavior, rather than what everyone wants, famous for their incredible ability and winning records. The article was a response to a recent television interview with Bernard Tomic, who made derogatory comments about Patrick Rafter. Rafter is one of Australia’s most loved sports persons and a former world number one player. Read the full article here.

If you have made your way all the way to the bottom of our newsletter, you must enjoy our material! So here is a special article just for you, Why We’re Not Leading Teams. This was written in response to a question we’ve been asked a number of times, so we wrote this to specifically cover this important distinction. Read it now.

Quotes to Inspire You

“If an egg is broken by outside force, life ends. If broken by inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from inside.” – Jim Kwik


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