Athlete Assessments Newsletter – November 2020

It’s our last formal update for the year and we look forward to bringing in 2021 (and putting 2020 behind us all!). Join us in spotlighting some phenomenal people we have the great fortune to work with and celebrating our own success in being named a Finalist in the prestigious 2020 Excellence Awards for Australia’s Best Leadership Development Program. Read on…



Ticking ALL the Boxes of Mental Performance

If there was a shopping list of everything an athlete or coach wants in a trusted advisor or performance coach, the entire list can be checked off with all that Bob Tewksbury brings. Want someone who has excelled at the highest level and under enormous pressure?

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Lifelong Leadership with Latitude (and a learning attitude!)

What keeps Dr. Steven Estes, Professor of Leisure and Sport Management at Middle Tennessee State University engaged, looking for new challenges and delivering dynamic content to develop leaders for our community?? That question evolved in my mind the more we delved into Steve’s philosophy on leadership – developed over a career spanning over four decades. Experience has seen him guide students in the classroom as a tenured professor, high-performance sport gave him the opportunity to compete at international events as part of the US rowing team, he continues to be a pivotal member and was twice president of the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education (NAKHE), a leadership lecturer in residence at the United States military training academy, and part of teams tackling grueling physical challenges.

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Pathway to Positive Athlete Development

Coaching and successfully developing elite athletes requires dedicated attention to mental skills development – self-awareness, self-belief, identity and resiliency, skills which benefit athletes in competition and in life. Kyle McDonald, Mental Performance Coach, General Manager and Performance Director of the Weyburn Gold Wings, shares the process of mental skills development

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We are in the AITD 2020 Excellence Awards Finals

We are incredibly proud and excited with the news we recently received from the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD). Each year they preside over the national Excellence Awards and Athlete Assessments have just been announced as one of eight finalists in the Best Leadership Development Program Award. Prior winners range from large corporations and Australian household brands such as Coles, Blackmores Institute, Volkswagen Group, Government departments and top Universities, so it is truly an honor to be named a Finalist now and we have our fingers crossed for the winner announcement later this year.

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NEW RELEASE: What Winning Teams Get Right Playbook (and it is free!)

Serially successful teams don’t win on luck alone, nor do they win by chance, they are driven by philosophies, employ strategies, rely on proven tools and systematize their knowledge. We see it, we experience it, we know it. In the What Winning Teams Get Right Playbook we share the performance drivers that our most successful sports professionals, teams and coaches employ to stay in front of their competitors.

3 Most Important Things to Get Right When Moving your Class Online

We asked many of our academic clients to share what they’ve found most useful when developing and delivering courses online. We share their personal insights, together with ‘Icebreakers that Work Online’ and ‘36 Tips and Tricks’.

Way of champions podcast with bo hanson

Bo Hanson chats with John O’Sullivan, the host of the very popular coaching podcast.

The BIG Book of Inspirational Quotes for Sport

Finding a great quote can turn your day around, give you a new breath of motivation, or even change the philosophy you live it by (ok, possibly a slight exaggeration, but we’re sure you agree). We know that having the time to search for that perfect quote can be a big challenge. To save your valuable time, we committed to gathering inspiring quotes for sports people, and with what started as a small collection has grown to over 440 quotes. Plus, we’ve divided them into eight sections so you can find the perfect quote for any situation, in no time at all.


We appreciate those of you who have made it all the way to this part of our newsletter. If you love what we do and want us to be involved in your sporting life, there are many different ways to consider working with us:

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Looking for fun team bonding activities to sustain you throughout the rest of 2020 and beyond? Consider our DISC Card Game! It has unlimited ways to be played to help build self-awareness, understanding of others, improve communication and build relationships. Find out about our DISC Card Game today!

Toughness is what we have all required through this recent time. If you’re looking to continue to help your team with this, look no further! Developed initially as a support service to assist our existing clients with developing mental toughness in their athletes, the ATHLETE TOUGH Program has grown to be a standout, stand-alone product. The Handbook is written in plain English and is highly illustrated to keep your athletes engaged, while the video series makes it easy for coaches to implement. Find out for yourself why so many coaches love the ATHLETE TOUGH Program and read what they have to say. 

Planning for your future Camps? And found yourself thinking about how to differentiate yours from all the other choices young athletes have? Here’s how you can make yours standout from the rest and add exceptional value to your campers’ experiences with you. We’ve been delivering this program for online camps too! Athlete Assessments has an Elite Sports Camp service that you need to be aware of.

Inspirational Videos

We couldn’t help but feel good (and cry a little bit) after watching this video. Watch now!


And we’ll leave you with our popular quotes section of our newsletter!

One for athletes…

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.

Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon

One for coaches…

The most important words you can ever tell someone is ‘I believe in you.’

Katie Sowers, American Football

And for when you feel like giving up…

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

Henry Ford, Businessman

And remember, there are hundreds more to be found in The Big Book of Inspirational Quote for Sport.

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