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Being the best athlete FOR the team
rather than the best athlete ON the team is an important concept we work on with our clients. We kick off this edition of our newsletter with a video on this very topic. Plus, we cover breaking a losing streak, recruiting, coach interviews, athlete resiliency and much more! Let’s get started…

When teams enjoy a phenomenal level of team chemistry, their athletes are living this concept to the fullest: being the best athlete for the team is much more important than being the best athlete on the team. Successful teams rely on it and it is what differentiates them from the mediocre. Hear about where this concept originated from, the key elements to understand and how to apply it with your team. Start watching now.

At a recent conference, the question of how to break a losing streak was asked and few of the most experienced coaches were confident in their responses. Let’s face it, if you coach, at some point you will be confronted with this issue. While it is something we all want to avoid rather than recover from, it is critical to have reliable strategies to deal with a performance slump available to you. This article (and video) addresses this uncomfortable topic. Read it now.

Coaches are constantly told that having a well-defined Coaching Philosophy is a critical component of a successful career. But, it can be a challenge to develop on your own and it takes time to evolve. When was the last time you thought about or updated your Coaching Philosophy? If it’s been a while, you will find value in our newly released Coaching Philosophy Workbook. We’ve taken years of experience, interviews with leading coaches, research and testing to formulate this workbook for your benefit. Be guided step-by-step through this important process. Get yours now.

As the Head Coach of the Florida Gators Women’s Soccer Program for over two decades, Coach Becky Burleigh has forged a career of excellence as she has continued to invest – invest in herself, in other coaches, in her student-athletes and in the younger generation of women soccer players. With an extensive list of achievements including a Division I National Championship under her belt, we caught up with Becky to hear her insights into sustaining success in coaching. Read her story now.

Recruiting. It’s fundamental to the success of any team and as coaches, you make an enormous investment in time with the aim to get it right. Are you missing one of the most critical aspects for your team’s success? And, could the success factor come from an unlikely place? Read more now.

In this week’s 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson, we revisit the highly requested topic of athlete resiliency. Specifically we discuss two practical strategies you can use as a coach to help your athletes improve their ability to bounce back fast. Watch it now. 

If you’d like to catch up on previous topics covered in 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson you can find them all here.

DISC CARD GAME FOR KIDS (and all ages!)
On countless occasions Athlete Assessments has been asked how youth sports can benefit from the great work we do at the elite level. We’ve answered this call with a fun and effective solution! Capturing the benefits of our DISC Profiling system, we have created an innovative DISC Card Game ideal for younger athletes. While designed with youth sports in mind, people of all ages can enjoy the value that this DISC Card Game brings. The applications are endless from ice-breaker games to team building activities, small groups or large, following the basic instructions or utilising the advanced options. It will be your go-to development tool! Order yours now.

Are you heading to Houston or Indianapolis for the Final Four Basketball? If so, make sure you make time to either visit our exhibits or attend Bo Hanson’s Presentation:

  • MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: The NABC Coaches Convention is on in Houston, Texas and we’ll be at the exhibitor area over Thursday and Friday, March 31st to April 1st.
  • WOMEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: The WBCA Coaches Convention will be in Indianapolis from April 1st to 4th.  Bo Hanson is presenting an hour long workshop on“Developing Resilient Athletes to Bounce Back from Setbacks Fast!” on the Sunday, April 3rd at 2pm. Again, we’ll be in the exhibit area over the Saturday and Sunday too.

During June, we’ll also be presenting and exhibiting at the National Coaching Conference in Seattle (NCC June 21-23), the North American Society of Sport Management (NASSM May 31 – April 4) and the NCAA Women Coaches Academies (The Alliance of Women Coaches, Denver June 1-4, Washington June 27-30).


  • Perform Under Pressure Podcast: Bo Hanson was recently interviewed on an episode of Rick Sessinghaus’ Perform for Success Podcast and discussed Performing Under Pressure. Listen to the Podcast here.
  • Play Like a Champion Coach Note: Bo Hanson was recently invited to contribute as a guest writer for the University of Notre Dame’s Play Like a Champion Foundation on the topic of Creating Resiliency in Athletes through Coaching. Read it here.
  • NISCA Journal: Make sure you check out the January-February edition of the NISCA Journal that features an article by Bo Hanson on Building Resiliency in Your Swimmers.

We continue to strive to lift our game in providing an exceptional level of service and the highest quality products. Most recently, we’ve been working on DISC survey design improvements for our three DISC Profile assessments and we’re excited to share the latest development.

Remember, stay up to date as things happen on Facebook or Twitter.

As always, if there is anything we can assist you with, or you’d like more information about, we’re absolutely dedicated to providing exceptional value and service.

Signing off with three of our favorite quotes:

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.”

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” – Estee Lauder


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Here’s to continuing to have a truly exceptional year in 2016!

My very best,

Liz Masen
and the Athlete Assessments Team

At Athlete Assessments, we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and to help you be your best. If there is anything we can assist you with, please Contact Us.

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