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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – March 2018

March Madness is here and so is our first update for 2018.

We celebrate the Winter Olympics with a historical win, share insights from our inspirational clients in sport psychology, coaching and sport management, update you on the launch of our exclusive Coaches Club and special offers.

Welcome to our March newsletter – it’s a mega issue! We cover some of the most relevant topics in sport with our latest articles and videos. See you in Columbus Ohio for the Women’s Final Four.

Celebrating Olympic Curling Success

It is exciting to win. It is exciting and especially inspiring when the win comes from behind. And it is phenomenal when this happens when the stakes are at their highest, on a world stage, and have never been done before. With the recent events at the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, people all around the world were excited, inspired and enjoyed the phenomenon that events like this bring.

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WBCA Convention and the Women’s Basketball Final Four 2018 Client Director for Athlete Assessments, Liz Masen will be at the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Convention and the Women’s Basketball Final Four, 29 March – 1 April 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. Excited to be at the conference, Liz says, “the 2018 Conference is themed, Connect, Learn, Recognize, and Grow. These principles resonate deeply with our own core values and I really look forward to this year’s WBCA presentations and keynote speakers. One of the best parts of conventions like this one, is that we get the opportunity to catch up with clients, friends and new contacts in the buzzing environment of the Final Four. Athlete Assessments will have an exhibit, as we usually do, so I’m easy to find there too.” See you there.

Launch of exclusive Coaches Club in April (with dates in June and July too) The best coaches understand the importance of staying ahead of the game, focusing on the influences that really drive performance and the benefit of insights from experts in their field. We expect our athletes to continuously improve and here’s how you can take the lead. Master class your coaching with like-minded professionals in exclusive small grouped coaching sessions. Join Bo Hanson in this unique environment to get results and to continue to develop the art and science of your coaching.
Some of the Coaches Groups have already sold out so we’ve added extra dates. Benefit from the special launch pricing now.


NEW DISC in Sport Workbook Available now The ‘DISC in Sport Workbook’ is all about taking the knowledge of DISC behavioral profiling and putting it into action within your sporting environment. It brings together your ability to understand and manage your own behaviors with your ability to understand the behavior and needs of others. It positions you to work with, influence and interact with people more effectively, improve communication and ultimately your results. This is a game changer in sport. Within the workbook, join our team of DISC Coaches to explore the application of DISC theory to many different real-life sporting situations. Find out more today.

DISC Card Game Upgrade Special – last days Looking for effective and fun activities to build communication and teamwork? ‘How do I bring my team together, build their relationships, and improve their communication skills?’ This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions we receive, because Coaches are always looking for new ideas to try with their teams. Effective Coaches make these skill-building activities fun, engaging and easy to implement because they know that these skills equate to points on the scoreboard and podium finishes. If you haven’t tried our DISC Card Game yet, it might be exactly what you’re looking for. And in March we’re providing a special ‘free upgrade’ to the next size up on all of our sets. Check this out now.


Athlete Assessments Removes Gender Reference from DISC Profiles It is over 11 years since Athlete Assessments released the first DISC Profile assessments specifically customized to sport to give Coaches, athletes and sports professionals the tools they need to improve performance. Over the years, we’ve continued to upgrade and make improvements in our services and over the 2018 new year, we made a small but important update. You may have seen media coverage and/or been engaged in discussions on gender identity and it is important that our DISC Profiles line up with the way people identify themselves. At Athlete Assessments these matters are of the utmost importance to us. The simplest way that we can make sure we get it right every time is to remove any reference to gender in both the survey and the subsequent reports. Read more here.

Why Bullying Doesn’t Build Mental Toughness Why bullying doesn’t get long-term results, build mental skills or mental toughness

In a revealing interview with Dr. Jen Fraser, for End Bullying & Abuse in Sports Summit, Bo Hanson 4 x Olympian and 3 x Olympic medalist explains why a Coach’s bullying tactics will not create a pathway for personal growth, long-term results, mental skills or mental toughness. The hour-long seminar compares bullying to the concepts and techniques that actually develop resourceful, resilient athletes who are mentally tough. Hanson and Dr Fraser talk about how Coaches can build relationships that result in teams playing for themselves, for each other and their Coaches. Workshop participants will also learn to recognize a bid for their attention and the way a Coach’s recognition can become an athlete’s self-belief. Read more now.

Conflict Resolution in Sport In a revealing interview with Rowperfect, who have a YouTube channel dedicated to rowing, Bo Hanson, four-time Olympian and triple Olympic medalist talks conflict resolution, the pointy end of his work on the people side of sport. The interview covered a great deal of Hanson’s sporting and professional experience including; fostering independence in athletes, communication amongst team members and that Olympic final which saw just 1.37 seconds between all podium finishers including Hanson and 5 times Olympic gold medalist Sir Steven Redgrave. But, it’s his comments on conflict resolution, which are most interesting. Read more now.

Quotes to Inspire You
And as usual, some of our latest favorite quotes…

“Your motivation isn’t going to come from what you do. Your motivation is going to come from WHY you must do what you do.”
– Anonymous

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence, and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”
– Sheryl Sandberg

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