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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – March 2019

Hello and a belated welcome to 2019 (how is it mid-March already?)! We’ve made our latest newsletter worth the wait as we focus on athlete accountability, leadership, coach development, academic excellence and much more. Read on for insights into what some of the most outstanding individuals in high performance sport are doing.

Coxswain Coaching Camps – Champion Creating Future Champions

Mary Whipple, who won three Olympic Medals, two Gold and one Silver, plus five World Championships, knows exactly how to achieve extraordinary results. As coxswain to the serially successful USA Women’s Rowing Eight, she was responsible for leading, understanding and ultimately driving her team across the line in first position, multiple times. Now,

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The Coaching Connection

Sport Psychologist and Mental Performance Coach, Dr. Ed Garrett or Dr. G. as he’s known, explains the link between the coaching connection and behavioral...

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Equipping Athletes to Evolve

When we think CrossFit, gyms and performance coaching, most people immediately think physical, but Mental and Fitness Performance Coach, Jared Cohen, is achieving exceptional...

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Meet our Newest Team Member at Athlete Assessments
We were so impressed when we met Tylah (through a client introduction) that we created the role especially for her to join our team. She embodies all of the attributes we want and that can be hard to find. She’s aligned with our corporate values, immediately built strong working relationships with our team and we are excited about her future with us. A recent graduate of the renowned University of Pacific, she was a fierce competitor on the court, and off the court achieved exceptional academic results. Meet Tylah!

Athlete Assessments DISC Compatibility Report and Career Compatibility Report
Athlete Assessments is always chasing the 0.1% improvements. We have recently been working on two exciting new development tools that will be launched shortly to assist our clients in creating sustained success in their programs, and life after sport. Our two new reports are compatible with each of the AthleteDISC, CoachDISC and Sports ManagerDISC Profiles, and we will help you to implement exciting system features and reports. Get a sneak peek now!

2019 Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Convention
Women’s Basketball Coaches Association Annual Convention, April 4 – 7, 2019, Tampa, Florida
Are you heading to Tampa for the 2019 Women’s Basketball Final Four? We are too and will also be attending the WBCA Annual Convention. During the days, coaches have the opportunity to learn from exceptional speakers, grow their skill base and connect with their peers to review their season and set themselves up to perform in the year ahead. Bo Hanson will be presenting one of the Learning Labs and Athlete Assessments will also have their exhibit in the market place. We’ll see you there!


We appreciate those of you who have made it to this part of our newsletter. If you love what we do and want to achieve your best, there are several ways you can consider working with us:

  • Are you a sport psychologist or performance consultant and inspired by our articles about Jared Cohen and Dr. Ed Garrett? You too can take your consultancy to the next level and achieve great success. As a top consultant, your clients rely on you being the best in your field, knowing the true determinants of success, and having access to the tools that will make the most impact when it comes to improving performance. Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiling is the tool you need to help your clients realize their full potential. Find out more about Athlete Assessments’ Consultant Program now.
  • Our Team Programs are still our foundation service and what is most in demand with our coach clients – Kristi Stefanoni is a great example. Team building isn’t an event, it’s a process and it’s exactly why our Team Programs include staged development. We work alongside your coaches and team to ensure they get the most value from our work together, and most importantly, get results. With a client retention rate of 96%, alongside an impressive track record of National Championships, if you don’t already know about our Team Programs, find out today!
  • It’s no coincidence that the Number 1 Sports Studies University in the World is one of our clients (see the article about Loughborough University above). Did you know Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles are used in the classroom at many of the top universities within their Bachelor and Master’s programs in Sport Management & Leadership, Coaching and Sport Psychology? Our Academic clients know that the success of their students reflects the success of their program, so they focus on providing their students with the skills that will differentiate them within a competitive sports industry. Find out more about the Athlete Assessments Academic Program.
  • Looking for fun team bonding activities this summer? Consider our DISC Card Game! It has unlimited ways to be played to help build self-awareness, understanding of others, improve communication and build relationships. Find out about our DISC Card Game today!
  • Developed initially as a support service to assist our existing clients with developing mental toughness in their athletes, the Athlete Tough Program has grown to be a stand out, stand-alone product. The Workbook is written in plain English and is highly illustrated to keep your athletes engaged, while the video series makes it easy for coaches to implement. Find out for yourself why so many coaches love the Athlete Tough Program and read what they have to say.
  • Are you thinking about your Summer Camps? Need a way to differentiate yours from all of the other choices young athletes have? Follow multiple Olympic and World Champion Mary Whipple to make your elite camp stand-out from the rest whilst adding exceptional value to your campers’ overall experience. Athlete Assessments has an Elite Sports Camp service that you need to be aware of.

Inspirational YouTube Video
On the theme of celebrating International Women’s Day this month, we thought this inspirational video would inspire you too. We’ve also included another favorite video which shows just how important it is to be your best self, and then, be better. Watch them both now!

Quotes to Inspire You
And we’ll leave you with our popular quotes section of our newsletter!

Falling down is a part of life.
Getting back up is living.

Jose N. Harris

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.
Mia Hamm

Discomfort is the currency of success.
Brooke Castillo

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