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Empowering your Team with Purposeful Recruitment

Melissa Phillips, Head Coach of the London City Lionesses on understanding yourself as a coach to provide the foundation for athlete self-awareness, and how she uses DISC to enhance team and individual performance through purposeful recruitment and positioning.

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Self-Awareness Setting up a Successful Athlete Transition

It’s well-known that most athletes do not spend their competitive sporting years thinking about what they might do next, so when they do reach that stage, whether by choice or by circumstances beyond their control, they are often left wondering how to transfer their level of on-field success to their off-field career. A common theme has emerged from many athletes who have successfully transitioned, they have not done it alone, and this is where Carrie White and AthLife come in.

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LA Rams_CommunityTeam

Beyond the Bowl: How the LA Rams are Transforming Lives

Against the backdrop of a thundering home-crowd stadium, the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl. But a lesser-known thundering roar, fueled by the echoes of the “Who’s house? Ram’s house!” chant, is building throughout the Los Angeles community due to the championship winning work of the LA Rams Community and Engagement team’s Pathways to Success Program.

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Communicating in Sport with Different DISC Styles

‘Communication is the response we get.’ It’s an interesting concept, which becomes even more interesting when we think about this in action. Thinking back to the last time somebody misinterpreted our words or misunderstood what we were saying, the chances are that we don’t have to think back too far. The challenge is, how do we ensure we minimize how often this scenario occurs, who takes responsibility for it happening, and importantly, rectify it for the future.

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Self-Advocation as an Assistant Coach

A panel of expert head coach developers joined us for a recent webinar, in this article we debrief their discussions on why proactivity, self-awareness, and understanding coaching needs, are the key to progressing in your coaching career.

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The Head Coach’s How-To on Assistant Coach Recruitment

In any industry, recruiting the right person to join your team is a challenging task, but when done right can be extremely rewarding. We spoke to a panel of head coaches who are experts in recruiting assistant coaches for their own programs. Think of this as the how-to for recruiting the right assistant coach, the effects it has on team culture, and why it’s part of a head coach’s role to get it right.

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Learning About Leading

There’s no question that every individual has to be at their best in high-performance sport, but, if that is our only focus, we’re missing a critical ingredient essential for creating a successful team, and so the concept of being the best athlete for the team emerges.

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A conversation with Coaches who Lift Other Coaches

How do you prepare Assistant Coaches for the next step in their careers? To unpack the ideas around this important subject, we called on those who have a proven track record of elevating the careers of the coaches around them, and who we are lucky enough to call our clients. We brought them together – not because they liked the topic, not because they’re interested in the topic, but because they are genuine experts in the topic.

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The Key to Unlocking your Coaching Philosophy

When we look at leaders in any endeavor, we often see their success critically defined by their leadership philosophy, and when it comes to sport coaches it is exactly the same. Having a defined coaching philosophy is key to effective coaching (and leadership), but the process of developing and understanding your own philosophy is often sidelined. When your team relies on your performance as a coach as much as they do on technical execution for achieving a winning outcome, this process is a priority.

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Building the Bridge Between Coaching and Administration

The benefits of a strong and effective coach-athlete relationship has had the spotlight for some time now due to the intrinsic and positive links it has on performance. What’s interesting is coach-administrator relationships have come under increased scrutiny as research highlights poor athlete outcomes across the spectrum of collegiate and professional sports when these relationships breakdown. However, we’ve now seen that addressing this divide at the educational level is producing results in the real world. So, we spoke to Sara Lopez, Ph.D., Teaching Professor of the University of Washington’s unique Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership Master of Education about how.

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Ingredients for Success from Three Successful Mentoring Programs

To determine what the defining factors are of a successful mentoring program, we explore some of the top initiatives from different corners of the world. While ratios, cohorts, sports, and program structures differ within these formalized mentoring programs, what remains consistent are the considerable benefits reaped by all involved.

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Why Even the Best Coaches Need Coaches

Coaches are always evaluating performance, it’s a critical part of their role in order to be successful. Whether it be through assessing the scoreboard results of their team, individual athletes’ statistics, or even through the lens of their team’s culture. However, when it comes to evaluating their own performances, who should coaches turn to when they are looking to improve their own efficacy and skills?

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Q&A with Sara Lopez, Ph.D., Teaching Professor and Program Director, University of Washington, Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership (IAL) M.Ed.

We recently interviewed Sara Lopez, Ph.D., Teaching Professor of the University of Washington’s unique Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership Master of Education for our article, Building the Bridge Between Coaching and Administration. We couldn’t squeeze all the valuable insights she shared into one article, so we’ve placed them here in an extended Q&A.

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Where Coaching in Theory Meets Coaching in Practice

Dedicated to his profession, four-time Olympic coach, now Program Director, Dr. Cam Kiosoglous focuses his commitment to build the depth of alignment between coaching research and coaching in practice through Drexel University’s Master of Science in Sport Coaching Leadership.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Coaching by Looking In

Can a coach coach themself? It’s an interesting question to ponder. While the role of a coach is to constantly work with their athletes and team to develop and improve, and we know that coaches by nature and role can be excellent at developing others, what about when developing themselves?

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Leadership Learnings from an Award-Winning Lecturer and International Leadership Consultant

Having the capability to lead plays a critical role in this effectiveness, so how do we actually develop leadership across diverse populations, ensuring to include those who may be reticent or hesitant to take on a leadership role? Jacqueline Mueller, a leadership expert renowned for bridging the gap between theory and practice acknowledges there’s no effective ‘cookie-cutter’ approach for teaching leadership, but simply put she says, “I try to invite participants to reflect on themselves and to find a way of leading that works for them.”

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Conversation about Team Culture

Creating and maintaining an effective team culture is critical to sustained success. So, if we define culture simply as ‘the way we behave around here’, we need to determine what is acceptable and what is not? But then as a coach, how do you sustain a culture or how do you deal with an athlete who acts in a way that opposes the culture you want?

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