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Author: Liz Masen

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Athlete Assessments – We are in the Finals

We are incredibly proud and excited with the news we recently received from the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD). Each year they preside over the national Excellence Awards and Athlete Assessments have just been announced as one of eight finalist in the Best Leadership Development Program Award. Prior winners range from large corporations and Australian household brands such as Coles, Blackmores Institute, Volkswagen Group, Government departments and top Universities, so it is truly an honor to be named a Finalist now and we have our fingers crossed for the winner announcement later this year.

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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – September 2020

Bring on a new month and welcome September! Join us in taking a moment to celebrate success, rekindle motivation if it’s dwindling and access all the resources available to you to make the most of this time. We dedicate this edition to providing the tools and inspiration to stay strong and continue to make progress.

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Preparing Students for Success: DISC Career Management Report

While the initial focus of this report was to assist athletes in their transition from sport to the workplace, we have found that the application is much broader and can be applied to any academic scenario where the student is identifying and mapping out their career pathway. This is because finding your career direction begins in defining a critical element – your behavioral style. And that’s what DISC does.

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Athlete Assessments Newsletter – July 2020

Welcome to July and all that the new month brings. Let’s jump right into this edition! We’ll be highlighting the great work of clients from three different continents, share a very popular podcast featuring another client, provide two new instalments of Bo Hanson’s 5 minute videos on bringing the team back together from both the coach and athlete perspectives, and keep you up to date with other exciting developments.

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From Boat to Business

What people find most interesting about Bo and me, is that our family live on a boat and that we’ve built an international business based in the competitive sports industry from a beach town in Queensland (Australia). What isn’t immediately obvious is that these two very different aspects to our lives are deeply connected.

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Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson M.D.

‘Who Moved My Cheese’ is the most essential book written for understanding and navigating personal change. The book uses characters each of us will either identify in ourselves or people we know to explore the different approaches and emotions experienced when dealing with impending change. The characters used show how change can be embraced in a positive way or not and the impact of either approach on one’s long term success. This book has been used for every change management program within the corporate world for decades and will continue to be a foundational book on how to better manage personal change.

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Our Iceberg Is Melting by John Kotter

‘Our Iceberg is Melting’ has become a foundational book for many leadership and change management programs around the world. The book is based on John Kotter’s ‘8 Step Change Process’ and deals with team and organizational change, as opposed to personal change. The book takes approximately 45 minutes to read and outlines how to deliver change in the most effective way. Also explored are the different ways people react to change and the various roles people play when change is being planned and is occurring. The use of characters helps us to clearly identify our roles and the role of other’s in the planning and implementation stages of the change process.

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