With a focus on leadership in sport and the Olympics, in this edition we bring you important topics definitely worth your valuable time to read.

Athlete Assessments Newsletters – July 2012


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1, Why People Follow Leaders
You are a leader only if others follow you. Read about leadership research based on what followers look for in leaders who have a positive impact on their lives. Based on the book ‘Strengths Based Leadership’, find out why people follow and the implications for sport and coaches.
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2, Olympic Coach Ric Charlesworth – Lessons from a Coaching Great
We can never stop learning from coaching greats, as they seem to never stop learning and growing too. Here’s a recent interview with Olympic Coach Ric Charlesworth.
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3, Athletes’ Learning Styles – What You Need to Know
Ever wondered why some athletes “get” instructions immediately, while others take time for things to click? Understanding athletes’ learning styles and the different ways athletes take in and process information is critical for sports coaches to know and use. Be more effective in helping your athletes improve.
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4, Book Review: How Full is Your Bucket?
In this review of Tom Rath and Donald O Clifton’s book, I share with you the key messages for sports coaches, athletes, sports administrators and others. This includes a summary of the key research results and how this can help you achieve more success, while enjoying it along the way!
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5, Vital Facts About Women’s Sports Fans
This might surprise you! This article brings you the latest facts on the perception and commercial investment opportunities of women’s sport. Find out what you need to put a strong and compelling sponsorship package together.
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6, YouTube Video Highlights
With the Olympics now under way, here are our favorite YouTube inspirational clips…

  • Thank you to all the Olympic mums.  Being a mum myself I couldn’t resist sharing this one. Watch it here
  • Such a classic and wonderful video on celebrating the meaning of the Olympics, to watch again and again.

Team Culture Videos on YouTube
Have you watched our recent upload of videos on Team Culture.  This is an excellent series on developing your team culture and identity using the ‘GRIP’ model.  Bo presents this using lots of real-life examples and is a great coaching resource not to be missed.
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