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In this video series, Bo Hanson answers some of the most frequently asked (and interesting!) questions from clients, and discusses the most relevant topics for sport coaching and performance. Check back regularly as there’s a new video every couple of weeks! You can also find a form at the bottom of the page to submit your own topic for Bo to talk about.

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Values vs Behavior: 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

In this week’s 5 minutes with Bo Hanson, Bo discusses Values vs Behavior. So what is the difference between adapting our behaviors and compromising our values? Bo talks about how as a Coach, one of the key roles is to create a culture for your athletes based on your values.

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Athlete Resiliency: 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

In this week’s 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson, we revisit the highly requested topic of Athlete Resiliency. Specifically we discuss two practical strategies you can use as a coach to help your athletes improve their resiliency: Reframing and Attribution Theory. As Athlete Resiliency is such an important topic, you may also be interested in where we have discussed it before in an article and video presentation.

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What to get right in the Pre-Season: 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

Today we’re going to talk about the pre-season and the importance of getting some really critical aspects right. A lot of our clients here in Australia are embarking on yet another pre-season within the football codes and various other sports. One of the things we often talk about in regards to the pre-season is that it is a unique opportunity to set a framework that is going to see out your entire season. I’m always a big believer, whenever I do a presentation, I often do an exercise and we start by getting everyone on the same page by getting everyone to stand up and clap above their head. You really only get one opportunity to do that and essentially that’s what the pre-season is about.

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Skill Acquisition – 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

Find out the one thing that every elite athlete has in common, irrespective of their sport. It is their ability to master skill acquisition. In this video, Bo Hanson explores what the experts in this field are doing and how this links ultimately to self-awareness and self-regulation. Get your 5-minute professional development boost now.

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Looking for a specific topic? Check out our categorized list of videos here!

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Was there a topic you wanted covered that you couldn’t find in the above videos? Submit the below form to get your topic discussed by Bo Hanson in 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson. We will get back to you when Bo has answered your question, and his response is up on our website. You can also check back regularly as there’s a new video uploaded every couple of weeks!

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