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US Navy SEALs Resilience: 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

Bo Hanson
4x Olympian, Director, and Lead Consultant

In this week’s 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson, he speaks about his unique experience learning about the US Navy SEALs resilience and their approach to mental toughness.

Navy SEALs Resilience

Mental toughness and resilience is the key quality in athletes that are revered and successful in their chosen sport. Some of the most resilient and mentally tough people in the world are without a doubt the Navy SEALs. They are also one of the most elite combat units in operation in the worst conflict zones in the world today.  Regularly the Navy SEALs do their work where regular combat units do not have the capabilities to create a successful outcome. This sees the Navy SEALs operating in places civilians cannot imagine, under circumstances which demand the highest levels of mental toughness and team work.

“So when I was afforded the opportunity to spend time with the Navy SEALs and listen to their take on mental toughness, it was a real privilege and one of the most significant experiences I had during my coaching years. It was also interesting as I had competed in four Olympics and was in a room with other Olympic athletes from US Olympic Training Centre San Diego. This was a topic we were all very familiar with. But, when you think about toughness, and some of the most resilient people around, the Navy SEALs are definitely in that category,” Bo said.

The Navy SEALs believe toughness can be taught and they have a very simple four step process: Set a short term goal, Visualise your success, Talk positively and Self-management.

Where to from here…

This topic is one of many topics covered in the ATHLETE TOUGH™ program developed by Bo Hanson.  Being ATHLETE TOUGH is defined by the actions you take when your performance matters the most. Bo Hanson’s unique and proven program is designed to ensure your athletes never give up, never quit on their team and never quit on themselves. It will deliver strategies on how to be mentally resilient and provide step-by-step processes to help your athletes become and stay mentally strong. Find out more here.

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You can watch all videos in the 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson series.

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You can watch all videos in the
5 Minutes with Bo Hanson series.

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