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Athlete Assessments is always chasing the 0.1% improvements. We have recently been working on two new exciting new development tools that will be launched shortly to assist our clients in creating sustained success in their programs, and life after sport. Our two new reports are compatible with each of the AthleteDISC, CoachDISC and Sports ManagerDISC Profiles, and we will help you to implement exciting system features and reports.

Athlete Assessments DISC Compatibility Report

The Athlete Assessments DISC Compatibility Report is designed to assist coaches and sports professionals make more informed decisions regarding their recruitment and team selection. This intuitive tool allows you to create your own custom benchmark profile for any role on your program and compare it with the AthleteDISC, CoachDISC and Sports ManagerDISC Profiles in your account to find the ‘best fit’ for the role. The tool also allows you to compare the DISC Profiles of two people on your program, providing you with a detailed summary report outlining the strengths and potential areas for improvement of each Profile.

Athlete Assessments Career Compatibility Report

The Athlete Assessments Career Compatibility Report provides athletes in transition with a tool to better understand their own DISC Profile and how their behaviors compare with those required to be successful in a particular job. The tool allows you to compare an individual DISC Profile to a database of over 200 different occupations, with each occupation listed in highest to lowest percentage ‘match’ to the individual DISC Profile. The higher the percentage match, the greater the ability for the persons natural behavioral style to be applied to the task of getting the job done.

At Athlete Assessments, we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and to help you be your best. If you’d like to see a ‘sneak peek’ before they are released, or if there is anything we can assist you with, please Contact Us.

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