Bo Hanson on Performing Under Pressure



By Kate Ross

Bo Hanson was recently interviewed on an episode of Rick Sessinghaus’ Perform for Success Podcast and discussed Performing Under Pressure.

Bo Hanson Performing Under Pressure


Perform for Success: Performing Under Pressure

When we think about the highest achievement in sports, competing and medaling at the Olympic Games really takes the gold. Today I have the honor of speaking with someone who has competed and medaled not just once, but three times at highest level in Olympic rowing competitions.

Today, Bo has continued his record of elite performance as a coaching consultant and corporate coach, and the Director of Athlete Assessments, where he has helped over 22,000 individuals reach their peak potential on the field and in the business world.

Rick felt Bo had a unique insight to give into elite performance.

Finally an elite coach that covers the fundamental factor that affects performance, the coach/athlete relationship. Bo certainly helped my audience understand how this can make the  difference between good performance and great performance. Thank you Bo for sharing your experience.”

– Rick Sessinghaus

Bo enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the topic of Performing Under Pressure.

“For too long coaches have chased improvements through the technical and physical aspects of sport. Today, finally after much research, we know athletes are just like all of us in that they need trusting and supportive relationships with their coaches to be the best they can be. The best part of this key performance factor is there is no limit to the gains it provides for the athlete’s sporting performance and more importantly, their life beyond sport.”

– Bo Hanson

The episode discussed:

  • Bo’s definition of success and peak performance (which has changed over the course of his life)
  • The core foundation of successful athletes and coaches, and how to cultivate it
  • The different ways the coach-athlete relationship plays into success and performance
  • The new coach-player paradigm, how it’s changed over the years and allows athletes to have more of a voice
  • How different behavioral styles and profiles impact performance differently, and how to face the challenges of effectively managing individuals within a team
  • How preparation can help prepare individuals to perform better under pressure
  • The dangers of expectations
  • And Bo’s top 3 mental and emotional skills (AKA: the“Holy Grail”) for handling pressure

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