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2019 NCAA Women Coaches Academies

May and June 2019 NCAA Women Coaches Academies in Denver Colorado, USA
The next two series of the highly acclaimed NCAA Women Coaches Academies are underway in Denver, Colorado, May 29 – June 1, and June 19 – June 22, 2019, lifting coaching to new levels.

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The How, What and Why of Athlete Leadership – Tips for Coaches

So, you’ve just decided on the leadership role or roles within your team. Now the journey begins! What do you want your leaders to do? How do you expect them to carry out the role? You might have your own ideas and that’s fantastic. Maybe you’ve coached a team with effective leadership, and you know what works. Or perhaps you’d like your athletes to role model someone around them. But, if you’re wondering what effective leadership looks like in sport, I’ll give you a short method that I know works well. It’s crucial to know what’s important, what impacts performance.

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Embracing Values from Inside the Sports Team

There are some non-negotiable principles teams need to have in place if they are to achieve success. Firstly, every unique team must have a set of values they agree to live by. Secondly, they have rules to co-operate within a framework. What’s interesting is how many of these teams fail to live their values, or only live them to some degree. The special few, live them to the degree required to achieve success.

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2018 ITA Coaches Convention

Learn the mechanics of creating and maintaining a winning culture at Bo Hanson’s Team Culture Toolkit presentation during the 2018 Intercollegiate Tennis Association’s Annual Conference. Annual Conferences are always packed with opportunities to learn and this year’s Intercollegiate Tennis Association Conference in Florida will be no different. In addition to his presentation, Hanson will facilitate a panel discussion on culture, featuring invaluable real-life insights from three extraordinary tennis coaches.

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2018 NFCA National Convention

Share the excitement, the speakers, and the learning with us at the Annual Fastpitch Coaching convention. Reflect on your results and prepare for the year ahead. Bo Hanson, Senior Consultant at Athlete Assessments, 4 x Olympian and 3 x Olympic medalist is presenting a half-day pre-convention workshop on ‘Team Culture Toolkit’ and a workshop during the convention on ‘How to be Athlete Tough’ – both must-see presentations. Athlete Assessments will again be in the Market Place, catching up with clients and talking programs and products including the popular Team Programs.

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46th NCAA Women Coaches Academy and Academy 2.0

WeCOACH (previously the Alliance of Women Coaches) is set to stage the 46th Women Coaches Academy (WCA) and the second Academy 2.0 in Denver at the end of November 2018.

Academy 2.0 is a master-class that sees the second cohort of women coaches, graduates of the NCAA Women Coaches Academies, submerge themselves in a specialist extension program run in conjunction with the upcoming WCA.

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2018 AVCA Convention

Be sure to get to one of the two workshops presented by Athlete Assessments’ Bo Hanson at this year’s AVCA Convention. The 4 x Olympian and 3 x Olympic medalist facilitates unmissable workshops which catalyze winning cultures and coaching strategies. The workshops are packed with tools, usable strategies and real-life examples from his daily work as a coaching consultant to championship winning teams, Olympians and professional athletes. When they’re not presenting, you can catch both Bo and Client Director, Liz Hanson, in the exhibition hall at the Athlete Assessments Booth #202.

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Energize your Team like a Rock Star

Rock bands follow a formula for managing their audience’s energy. When you think about any of the live gigs you’ve been to, they follow a pretty predictable pattern. Predictable but effective. In this short video Bo Hanson shows you how to apply that formula to coaching sessions.

It’s unrealistic to expect athletes to be energized 100% of the time over the course of a training session which may be 2-3 hours long. Instead, it is our job as coaches to manage their energy in an effective way, taking into account physical development, skill acquisition and importantly, enjoyment.

It’s enjoyment and satisfaction that keeps athletes coming back.

It’s essential that most needed, least enjoyable and favorite drills are scheduled in an order that manages your athletes’ energy, ensures they make the most of every session and come back for more.

Watch this video as Bo Hanson explains:

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Conventions During December 2018 and January 2019

December – January sees Athlete Assessments wrap up 2018 presenting at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Annual Conference and ushering in 2019 in Georgia presenting at the National Kinesiology Annual Conference – a busy time! A few details about the jam-packed conference schedule ahead for December 2018 and January 2019 …

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5 Minutes with Bo Hanson: Compounding Your Practices

In this five minute video we hear about techniques teams can use to take themselves to new levels of learning and results (instead of returning to the same principles or starting point every session). Bo calls this ‘Compounding Practice’. Compounding practice is something that all successful teams and athletes do. They begin with the basics and build their craft, layer upon layer, until they become a specialist in the skills essential to their sport.

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