Szabolcs Hollósi’s Program Recognized as Best Practice in European Union’s SPORT.YOUTH.INCLUSION Program

An Update from Hungary: Proudly sharing the success of ’The Art of Treating and Communicating Well with People in Sport’ program
Mim Haigh
Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

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Athlete Assessments’ Consultant Client, Szabolcs Hollósi, has been recognized alongside some of the best sports consultants in the European Union (EU), as his program, The Art of Treating and Communicating Well with People in Sport, is included in the EU’s SPORT.YOUTH.INCLUSION best practice programs. The project, designed to engage young people and promote inclusion through sport and physical education, brings together best practice programs and will be rolled out over four European Union countries; Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, and Hungary.

Looking at the bigger picture, the project will promote and advance the role of sport in improving the citizenship skills of young people. Ultimately, the EU project is aimed at building more inclusive and democratic societies.

Szabolcs says, 


“I’m very happy that one of our programs was selected as a best practice project in an EU funded Education through Sports project.”

Further he says, ”In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic this recognition helped me to concentrate on my mission. Although we couldn’t meet the international partners, it was great to exchange ideas about how sports can help in educating young people.”

Athlete Assessments CEO and Client Director, Liz Masen captures the mood around the office when we received the news. She says,

“Szabolcs is one of the most dedicated people I know, and his commitment to continue to make a difference in people’s lives in sport, despite Covid, is truly inspirational. He brings his positivity and passion everywhere he goes. I am so excited for him to receive this recognition, and his great work being rewarded.”

One of the outcomes of the EU’s practical program includes the ‘SPORT.YOUTH.INCLUSION TOOLKIT’ which will be developed from the skills participants accumulate through programs like Szabolcs’.

‘The Art of Treating and Communicating Well with People in Sport’ program, targets 16 year olds and their coaches, building self-awareness, and contributing to participating coaches and athletes’ personal and professional development. Specifically, the objectives for coaches participating in the program include; building self-awareness of their coaching style, knowledge of their natural preferences, an awareness of their strengths and limitations, developing a better understanding of the impact they have on their athletes and fellow coaching staff, and learning how to develop behavioral adaptability and communication in interactions with athletes and staff.

Szabolcs’ program uses the Hungarian translated CoachDISC and AthleteDISC Profiles which give each participant an individual and unique profile report. The profiles are so empowering because they detail the individual’s strengths and natural preferences for building relationships, tackling tasks, and communicating. These preferences mean that the individual naturally works better in certain environments, is motivated by particular outcomes, and responds differently in various situations. Knowing this information is the first step towards repeating them deliberately, while adapting and choosing when to use them in sporting and non-sporting environments is most effective in achieving the desired results. No DISC Profile is better than others, they simply indicate a different set of strengths and behavioral styles in each individual.

Learning about the way you choose to behave, act, or respond to situations gives you the ability to choose or adapt your behavior to get a better outcome in a specific situation. Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles are tailored to sporting environments, and Szabolcs’ company, Kell Egy Csapat Élmény Kft., provides Hungarian versions of the CoachDISC and AthleteDISC Profiles (with a project underway to also provide the Sports ManagerDISC Profile in Hungarian too).

Each DISC Profile comes with the option of the participant inviting feedback from the people they work with, or that surround them. Szabolcs’ program uses this facility, and each coach invites their fellow coaches, teammates, and others whose observations matter to provide honest feedback for 1 year – collectively that feedback builds a 360-degree perspective. The program enhances each coach’s ability to guide their athletes’ development, which in turn expresses each athlete’s potential.

Athletes also receive their Hungarian AthleteDISC Profile, with the program’s outcomes for them including; developing their behavioral style to achieve the best results, discovering ways to build their strengths, identifying restricting behaviors and taking a step forward, and developing their connection and communication with coaches and others on the team. They too use the 360 Degree Observer Feedback tool in combination with their profiles and training in behavioral adaptability to reach their full potential.

To get a perspective on Szabolcs’ programs and his progress with us click here. 

The SPORT.YOUTH.INCLUSION project has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission (KA2) as a strategic partnership lasting for 16 months (from September 2019) in four countries of the European Union (Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Hungary). Participating organizations joining Szabolcs Hollósi’s Kell Egy Csapat Élmény Kft, include; in Bulgaria – Asociacia Za Razvitie Na Bulgarskiasport (Bulgarian Sports Development Association),Germany – Sportjugend im Landessportbund Brandenburg e.V., (BSJ, Sports Youth Brandenburg), Italy – Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport (Italian Association for Culture and Sport), and Hungary – Reményt a Gyermekeknek Közhasznú Egyesület (Hope for Children Hungary).


Szabolcs has started to work with one of the best football academies in Hungary and the Hungarian Football Association. He’s been involved in coach training, talent development and team programs, and will introduce Athlete Assessments’ sports DISC model in the Hungarian FA’s sports manager trainings (sports director, academic director), the UEFA Elite Youth A, and the Pro-license coach trainings.

Where to from here?

Are you a consultant like Szabolcs looking to take your client’s performance to the next level? No matter where you’re based, here’s some more information about our Consultant’s Packages. As a top consultant, your clients rely on you being the best in your field, knowing the true determinants of success, and having access to the tools that will make the most impact when it comes to improving performance. Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiling is the tool you need to help your clients realize their potential.

At Athlete Assessments we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and to help you be your best. If there is anything we can do to contribute to your success, please contact us.

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