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A positive Covid response – kick starting Athlete Assessments’ Client Collectives to network, share and collaborate
Mim Haigh
Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

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The faces occupying each Zoom square on Athlete Assessments’ first Client Collective were distinguished by their choice of beverage – Eastern Time in the United States saw clients sharing their happy hour with us, water bottles for those on Mountain Time, Pacific and Central Time, in the UK it’s a late night cup of tea and comparatively, time zones in Australia saw clients reaching for their morning coffee.

This gathering of industry professionals was mid-January 2021 and will be a regular event moving forward. Athlete Assessments’ CEO, Liz Masen says, 

“This idea came from a previous client webinar, and is all about providing our clients time to meet each other and share. It was no surprise that all that attended came with the same generosity of spirit and personality, I couldn’t be happier with how the time together progressed. There was genuine networking and offers to connect potential mentors or work opportunities, sharing ideas and strategies from the coaching field and classroom, right through to providing company for those isolated because of COVID-19. Today was a win!”

The session itself saw Liz bring everyone together and unify the group with a story of cultural leadership and community protection, she then sent everyone into small breakout groups. (Liz likened setting up the groups to choosing tables for guests at a wedding or similar event, with consideration about who and how people would get along, as well as their common interests). In our breakout groups we had to introduce ourselves and quickly establish our groups’ unique and defining feature. Between the laughter, the socializing, and hearing what the other groups came up with, each group was instructed to find out what everybody was hoping to get out of the Client Collective, and then to meet our colleagues’ needs within the groups. From the feedback received afterwards, this was the most powerful component and where more time will be allocated to in the future.

Crucial to the success of the session was the invaluable time spent sharing the ways each person uses and applies Athlete Assessments’ DISC profiles with their clients and those they work with. There were some awesome ideas about integrating the package with other tools, which lots of people found they use. As some clients are based on campus while others are based off campus and in the community, it was just so interesting to hear how everyone works with their people and the techniques they employ.

Collective reflection lets you surface ideas that have been simmering in our minds for some time. We were thrilled that people embraced the opportunity to talk about their work with others in the same industry, because often those conversations give rise to really profound observations, ideas, and a-ha moments.

Athlete Assessments’ clients include mental performance coaches, academic faculty, athletic administrators, coaches, and sport psychologists – the mix incorporates a tremendous diversity of professional and life experience. In the office we regularly remark to one another on the awesome ideas our clients have, or the way they are using our tools. It was so fantastic to see our clients springboard off each other, tap into each other’s working style, and dig deep for ways their peers are applying their knowledge and techniques.

Some of our clients have a background on the sporting field as athletes, while others bring their valuable knowledge of the classroom, back office, and administration, but what we find is that every experience is equally valuable regardless of its category. It is an opportunity to connect with people, try techniques, and apply strategies. It does not matter whether an athlete is playing in a professional league or just starting out and amassing their skill base, a connection is a connection, and the strategy that sits behind an explanation is reusable by anyone working at any stage within sport.

If you are an existing client, be sure to get in touch so you don’t miss out on our next Client Collective. If you’re not a current client and what you’ve read resonates with you, know that this is just a small example of the way we contribute with those we work with. Please contact us if you’d like to connect and discuss future opportunities.

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