Well, we’re full swing into 2012 and we hit some BIG topics for our first update for the year. We’ve held off until now to ensure it is packed with great articles and resources as it is always our goal to ensure the time you invest in reading it, is worth every second, tenfold! Check out these great topics:

Athlete Assessments Newsletters – March 2012

I love receiving all of your feedback and comments, so please keep it coming! Here we go…Read on now!

1, Choking or Panicking – Inside Every Athlete’s Worst Nightmare
How many times have you witnessed the heartbreak of an athlete faltering at a crucial moment? At these times, the terms choking or panicking are thrown around loosely. But what do these terms mean? Is there a difference between them? Can anything prevent an athlete from choking? Featuring Malcolm Gladwell’s analysis on choking and panicking this article is a must read!

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2, Six Ways to Promote a Socially Inclusive Environment within your club or organization
With populations everywhere continuing to diversify and expand, it is vital to connect to all facets of the community.  You may be surprised by some of the statistics.  Here are our 6 Ways to Promote a Socially Inclusive Environment, which will help you become accessible to every talented athlete!
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3, Join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and meet Kate Roskvist
Kate Roskvist joined the Athlete Assessments team last year and has catapulted us into social media (better late than never!). You can now join us on Facebook, Twitterand YouTube to stay current on an immediate basis. It is a great way to access the latest resources, articles and especially videos, or if you’re looking for inspiration or some time to kill! Also, let Kate know the topics that are of most interest to you or articles you’d like more information about (coach@athleteassessments.com/).
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4, Succession Planning in Sport – the important things to get right and mistakes to avoid
Succession planning is a valuable but somewhat underused concept in sport. Inspired by recent insights from Mal Meninga and Michael Hagan, find out how to successfully use succession planning to turn your team into a powerhouse with the ability to win now and into the future.
We have a ‘double header’ for this topic, in providing both of these articles:

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5, Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development in Sport
With a new year and a new team, understand the Stages of Team Development that your team will be working through, and how to help them achieve their best in each stage. An important follow-up to “Team Secrets to Success“, this article gives insights on Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development and how each stage can help turn your athletes into a High Performance Team.
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6, Hired in Sport, then Fired. Why? (Sorry, Australia Only)
I heard an interesting quote recently: “People in sport get hired for their technical skills and fired for their people skills.” So I thought it was extremely appropriate for launching our Open Program Schedule in Australia. On-going, quality professional development is a must for anyone involved in sport, and especially so for those who pursue being the best in their field and on-top of the game. This year, we’re running our programs in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and offering the following programs:

Also, we are looking to take our programs to Singapore and New Zealand later this year, please contact me if you are interested in these locations.

7, Coaching Philosophy video – Bo Hanson shares his at a client’s recent event
Did you know that two of the most popular articles on our website are:

So, I thought you’d be interested to watch a short video on Bo Hanson sharing his coaching philosophy at a client’s recent event. Watch it on our YouTube Channel and remember to subscribe so you can be the first to know when we post more videos.
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We trust you’ve enjoyed this first issue for 2012. Remember to join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and please continue to share your comments and suggestions!

As always, if there is anything we can assist you with or that you’d like more information about, we’re absolutely dedicated to be here for you. Let’s achieve together.
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