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5 Minutes with Bo Hanson: Student-Athlete Leadership Tip

Effective leadership impacts your win-loss record. Fact! It’s also true that a leadership role will stretch an athlete’s ability to connect, drive standards, rally teammates and excel at their own game. In this 5 minutes with Bo Hanson, he talks tips, strategies and shortcuts, giving athletes tools to manage a leadership role with their own game.

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2018 N4A Convention

Themed ‘Aspire to Inspire’, the 2018 N4A Annual Convention in Washington DC this month is all about inspiring student-athletes to aspire to academic and personal excellence, conference organizers say.

The N4A is a professional, not-for-profit organization and one of 17 managed by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA). Members include academic support and student services personnel and the organizations focused on staff education and development. The N4A shares critical resources on mentoring, professional development and maintaining a culture of success and academic integrity. Internally, the organization’s awards reflect the high standard of performance they encourage, awards include; The Model Practices Award, Professional Promise and Research Awards.

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Self-knowledge Creates Career Opportunity

Chris McDonell graduated Saint Mary’s College of California with a B.A. in Politics and a minor in Spanish, but when it came to the interview process for a career in California’s Police Force, Chris’s superiors and interviewers thought one of his greatest strengths was his self-knowledge.

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Q&A with Dr. Robert Mathner

We had the opportunity to interview Dr. Robert Mathner about his ‘Leadership Principles in HSTM’ class at Troy University for our article ‘Role-modeling Success Strategies in

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Taking the Confusion and Mystery out of Leadership Development

Leadership can be a complicated topic. There are literally thousands of well-meaning books and even more articles dedicated to demystifying what leadership is and how to be an effective leader. We know there are different ways to lead and many examples of varying styles and philosophies of leadership. Knowing how to be a leader can be confusing because even though new models of leadership are spoken about, at the same time, we see more traditional styles being enacted within politics, business and sport. To say it is confusing is an understatement.

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