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Your Personal Effectiveness Program


Developing High Performing Teams Program

Celebration Education Graduation Student Success Learning Concept

Negotiation Skills Intensive Program


Improve Presentation Skills Program

This one-day program cuts through to the essentials of leadership, communication and influencing skills. It covers the three most important areas of personal effectiveness: Master Communication, Understanding Yourself & Others and Resolving Conflict.

Brisbane  •  Sydney  •  Melbourne  •  Adelaide

“Thoroughly enjoyed the program and a great opportunity to learn new tools and strategies, specifically in the sporting environment.”

If you work in sport and want to improve how effective you are in your role, here is how.

This program is for anyone whose success is hinged on ensuring your team is aligned, cohesive and working towards common goals to achieve their best results. Get the knowledge and practical strategies to improve your team’s performance.

Brisbane  •  Sydney  •  Melbourne  •  Adelaide

“Very critical in being a better coach, leader and person.”

“His fresh and progressive insights are what you must do to be successful today and are crucial to embrace.”

Within your role as coach or sports leader your ability to develop high performing teams is critical for success, on and off the field.

For people involved in sport where influencing others is a priority, developing useful and effective negotiating skills is critical. This program cuts to the most important elements to successfully negotiate outcomes and achieve best-case scenarios.

Brisbane  •  Sydney

If you work with different groups of people, being more effective at negotiating ensures you achieve more, enjoy your work more and receive more of what you want.

Whether it is a regular meeting, important presentation or crucial half-time speech to your team, having impactful presentation skills makes all the difference. This program takes the guess work out of structured and most importantly, those unstructured presentations, ensuring you know the keys to being great when you need to be the most.

Brisbane  •  Sydney

This program is for anyone who engages with others in a group forum and needs to communicate in a confident and compelling manner.

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