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In April 2016, Bo Hanson’s video on ‘Mastering Accountability with your Athletes’ was featured in the Coaches Insider Newsletter for Football, Volleyball, Track, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Soccer, Softball and Lacrosse.


You can watch Bo present on Mastering Strategies for Athlete Accountability here…

Accountability is doing what you say you’re going to do and executing the task to the best of your ability. Then being able to put your hand up and say ‘this is what I need to do better’ if you don’t get it right.

Being accountable is not making excuses, not blaming others or whinging and complaining. Being accountable is taking ownership of something and making sure you ‘know your job and do your job’ 100% of the time.

Accountability happens when you are the one critiquing your own performance. This is what successful people do. This is what tough athletes do.

Accountability also extends to holding others accountable. One of the biggest issues we see in teams is when one athlete is not doing something right, something that could hurt the team, and another athlete notices but doesn’t do anything about it. Being able to have an accountability conversation with a team mate is critical if you want to reach the highest level of performance.

So what is an accountability mechanism?

Being accountable isn’t something that just happens. It isn’t the Coach telling you what you did or didn’t do right on game day. You need a process or a system that helps you to be accountable.

A simple model you can use is; Ask yourself what is my role, how will I execute my role and then evaluate yourself on how well you executed your role with a score out of 10. Then share your evaluation with your team mates and your Coach and get them to give you feedback too.

But being accountable is more than just evaluating your performance. The next step is to write a plan for future improvement. Set the goal – develop the plan – put it into practice.

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