There’s been more time than usual between our newsletters but we’ve made it worth the wait.  You’ll love what we have installed for you in this edition… we tackle some hot topics in our new video blog, have some great new coaching resources and loads more!  Let’s get started.


Have you heard someone refer to an athlete as a ‘confidence player’ – they play well when they ‘have it’ and poorly when the don’t? Or, a poor performance being attributed to a lack of confidence? It is a common challenge that we hear.  In this video we provide a solution for confidence issues by turning to competence and self-belief for improved performance. Watch it now.  (If you don’t like videos, a transcript is provided too.)


WARNING: This video is a rant. Bo Hanson discusses the lack of accountability many athletes have in failing to take ownership of their own performance. Athletes are given so many rights and privileges, they need to take ownership and utilize the tools at their disposal to create better performances. Watch it now.


No matter what team sport you’re in, there will be starting players and bench players. It can be one of the harder challenges to manage as a coach. Having an effectively managed bench can make the critical difference in competition and doing this well will give your team a significant advantage. Find out how to fully engage your bench players: Watch this video now.


You’ll hear us time and again saying: “Sport is played by people, coached by people and managed by people so it’s important to get the people side right.” All of the most successful teams, with the most experienced coaches, continually search for the most effective ways to address the intangibles. In this playbook, we share with you the fundamentals to get right. Think of it as the People Playbook, the how-to on performance through people. Read it now.


We have a new area of our website dedicated to Bo Hanson covering current issues or topics that need attention. You are very welcome to suggest topics… Start watching now. The first three videos above are examples of what you can watch in our Video Blog. If you’re looking for more, here you go:

Importance of Specialist Coaches
The X Factor in Sports Recruiting
Creating Healthy Team Competition
Circle of Safety in Sport 


If you want to catch up on our People+Sport Magazinesthey are available online. Our magazines always cover case studies and personal insights into what some of the most successful programs do. Read it online now or if you are a client and missed receiving your copy, please contact me below to request your own copy to be mailed to you.

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