What an awesome start to 2013. Now get set for our shortest, yet biggest, newsletter ever! 

With the release of our extensive new video library (yes – all free to access!), you can choose to watch a few minutes on a particular topic or sit back for hours and hours.  As usual, we have stacks of new articles on the hot topics you’ve asked about too.  Jump in now!

Athlete Assessments Newsletters – March 2013


I love receiving all of your feedback and comments, so please keep it coming! Enjoy the best year yet and everything that it brings.


As always, if there is anything we can assist you with or that you’d like more information about, we’re absolutely dedicated to being here for you. Let’s achieve together.

My very best,

Liz Masen
and the Athlete Assessments Team

Australia: +61 (0)7 3102 5333  | USA: +1 760 742 5157 | UK:  +44 20 7193 4575  |  NZ: +64 (0)9 889 2979


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