Our last newsletter broke the record of number of readers so we started with a tough challenge to beat!  But we think we’ve at least matched the quality, if not exceeded it!  This issue we share some of our clients secrets (with their permission of course!), provide you access to the new video series and top articles on the most requested topics.  We’re always striving to improve and focus on what you want… Please continue to send your feedback.

Athlete Assessments Newsletters – April 2010

This latest update contains:

  1. NEW Video Series – The DISC Model and Application to Sport – a great introduction or excellent refresher and very practical to help you incorporate this into your coaching.
  2. “0.1%ers” and the Secrets of World Class Coaches – when 3 of your athletes finish in the top 5 at a World Cup Triathlon (including the Winner!), you’re doing something right – read about one of our valued clients.
  3. Pre-Season Preparation – How To Get a ‘GRIP’ – we share what we do with our clients to assist them to kick start their season and ensure everyone starts on the same page and united.
  4. Emotional Intelligence in Sport – after numerous requests, we provide you with the key elements of what you need to know on this complex topic BUT we make it easy with what you need in practice.
  5. The latest Best “YouTube” Clip – have you seen this one? And let us know your favorite too!
  6. In the Newspapers – we’re had the spotlight on us with newspapers and magazines writing articles about us in the last month. Find out what they are saying.
  7. Thank you for your feedback on our Coach and Athlete E-courses – don’t miss out if you haven’t already taken advantage of these!


In the series of four short videos, benefit from Bo Hanson personally taking you through an introduction to DISC Theory, understanding the four styles, overcoming their limitations and how best to incorporate this into your coaching. This step-by-step guide ensures you have a strong foundation to take you to the next level.  Great for first timers and an excellent refresher for our experienced clients! Click the below link to watch the series of four videos: https://www.athleteassessments.com/sport-coaching-articles-and-video-resources/disc-theory-and-application/


When three of your athletes come in the top 5, including the winner at a World Cup, you are doing something right!  We share a recent experience of one of our valued clients, Coach Darren Smith (Triathlon).  Discover the secrets of world-class coaches and the value of 0.1%.   Read now: https://www.athleteassessments.com/secrets-of-world-class-coaches/

Here’s a preview:  Sporting success is all about ensuring every little detail which contributes to winning results is executed to the best of your ability. The reality is, every athlete in the race has a professional coach, scientifically proven training program, bikes and equipment worth thousands of dollars, access to the best nutritional information and has discovered ways to improve the mental side of their sport. Having these big ticket items in place enables an athlete to stand on the start line knowing they are not at a disadvantage.  They can feel confident.  Of course, if every athlete has these elements in place, then success is a result of how well each factor is executed on a daily basis. Want to read more… https://www.athleteassessments.com/secrets-of-world-class-coaches/


Kick start to the best season yet!  Get the exact methods the top teams use to start their season on the right footing. When problems occur during the season, it is usually because this vital time wasn’t invested upfront.
Read now: https://www.athleteassessments.com/sport-pre-season-preparation-using-grip-model/

Here’s a preview:  Unify your team right from the start with everyone committed to the team and their personal goals, understanding and supporting the agreed team behaviors, engaged in the team’s identity and what it will take to success, playing for each other and the team and overall more confident and happy athletes.   We use a simple “GRIP” Model and share how you can use this in your preseason preparations too.  The GRIP Model contains the critical elements which contribute to effective, high-performance teams.  Each element is necessary and studies into effective teamwork have concluded that when teams underperform, at least one of these elements is missing. GRIP stands for Goals, Roles, Interpersonal relationships and Procedures and processes. Want to read more… https://www.athleteassessments.com/sport-pre-season-preparation-using-grip-model/


We marvel at how world class athletes ‘dial up’ the perfect performance consistently. Discover the most critical elements about emotional intelligence in sport. A complex topic explained simply and in terms of what you need in practice for your sports program. Want to read more: https://www.athleteassessments.com/emotional-intelligence-in-sports/


One of our client’s athletes shared this clip with us and it’s now one of our favorites.  Send us your favorites too!

You need only 1 minute to watch this for inspiration:

And, I’ll also sneak in my favorite latest quote:

“When life kicks you, let it kick you forward.” Coach Yow (one of the most successful basketball coaches in the USA)

I’ve recently been inspired by reading the book about Coach Kay Yow, “Leader of the Pack”.  It has some wonderfully inspiring stories and I highly recommend it.  It is available from Amazon.


Thank you to all of you who have personally written your notes to us about our Coach and Athlete e-courses (available on our website).  If you haven’t taken advantage of these, don’t miss out.  We have one specifically for coaches and a separate one especially for athletes.   The e-courses contain topics and information not publicly available on our website. To get access to these exclusive articles, sign up for either the coach or athlete e-course on the right side of any page on our website.www.athleteassessments.com/

Continue to have the best 2010!  Please let me know how we can best assist you to make it the year to remember and be proud of.  And keep sending your feedback – we love to receive it!

My best regards,
Liz Masen and the Athlete Assessments Team

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