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What to get right in the Pre-Season: 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

Today we’re going to talk about the pre-season and the importance of getting some really critical aspects right. A lot of our clients here in Australia are embarking on yet another pre-season within the football codes and various other sports. One of the things we often talk about in regards to the pre-season is that it is a unique opportunity to set a framework that is going to see out your entire season. I’m always a big believer, whenever I do a presentation, I often do an exercise and we start by getting everyone on the same page by getting everyone to stand up and clap above their head. You really only get one opportunity to do that and essentially that’s what the pre-season is about.

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Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development in Sport

Every high performance sports team goes through the four main stages of team development. As a Coach you should understand the Stages of Team Development your team will be working through and how to help them achieve their best during each stage.

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5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

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