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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – March 2014 

Baseball Client Case Study Video: Watch this EyeBronco interview with SCU Baseball Coach Dan O’Brien and Bo Hanson, recorded in December 2013. Benefit from hearing their first hand experiences over the last few years and what it takes to build a great program. Watch now (or read the transcript if you prefer).

People+Sport Magazine:  Have you read our latest magazine?  Read it online now or contact me below to request your own copy to be mailed to you.  A quick, useful and fun read to keep you up to date on the latest in people and sport.

Video Series – Resiliency in Sport:  Presented by Bo Hanson, our client has been generous in allowing us to share this video series (and it’s been edited into 14 parts so you can skip ahead if you want to hone in on a particular topic).  This extensive footage covers areas such as expectations, hope, certainty, control and how to develop resiliency in yourself and others.

The Best Way to Manage Conflict: In the pressure cooker environment of elite sport, conflict is bound to happen and it’s actually more concerning if it doesn’t!  When it does occur, you want to be equipped to ensure the result is positive.  After the popularity of last edition’s article on Managing Personality Clashes in your Team, we continue the series with how to manage conflict in the most effective and efficient way.

A New Take on Goal Setting: It’s taken for granted within elite sport that goal setting is standard practice.  A top coach or athlete wouldn’t consider starting the season without firm goals established. Now we’ve set the goal to improve goal setting!  Here’s our suggestions on how to further improve goal setting by tailoring the exercise to your personal style.  Don’t miss this unique perspective, read on now.

This edition’s book review is on Malcolm Gladwell’s latest publication, “David and Goliath – Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants“.  His mastery in combining research with real-life stories challenges you to take a different look at difficulties and disadvantage.  Paradoxically, hardship is a desirable ingredient to success.

In celebration of International Women’s Day this month, our popular YouTube segment is dedicated to all women and girls in sport…. This a must-watch video.  Or, enjoy being inspired as much as I did in watching this!  “Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be one, may we raise one!”  And to remember why this is important, we must encourage and support women’s voices.  (Note, each of the links here are for separate videos, watch them all!)

Have you got your copy of Inspirational Quotes for Coaches?  Knowing how busy coaches are and how an insightful few words of advice can be just the inspiration you need, we’ve collated the best quotes we can find from the best in sport.  Get your copy now.

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