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Our last video received the most popular response to date and our latest one is an outstanding follow up.  We are dedicated to providing coaches and athletes with valuable resources to support them in their on-going development.  Set the example within your team or club – be the role model who strives to always improve – by being committed to your own on-going growth, watch others follow you to do the same.

Athlete Assessments Newsletters – October 2009

Below is a link to the preview version of our latest video.  If you’d like to see the full length version, we will also provide this at no cost to you, just email me and I’ll send you access.

Click here to watch:  Effective Coach-Athlete Relationships

In this latest video, 4x Olympian and coaching consultant, Bo Hanson presents compelling statistics on the critical need to create an effective coach-athlete relationship.   Join Bo as he shares his personal experiences as an elite athlete and discusses the difference that being coached by one of the best coaches in the world made in his career.  At a recent coaching conference, Bo presented the research that demonstrates why a “traditional” coaching process is ineffective and how to be an “Athlete Centered” Coach.   Come join the team!

Click here to watch:  Effective Coach-Athlete Relationships

Remember, if you ’d like access to the full length video, just let me know and I’ll provide it at no cost to you.

We encourage you to share this resource with others – forward it to coaches, athletes, colleagues, friends and others who may be interested or who would benefit.

Click here to watch:  Effective Coach-Athlete Relationships

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PS: Are you up to date with the International Coaching Study?   The preview video is available on our site in the ‘Articles & Resources’ section… Click on:  International Coaching Study

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