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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – June 2014

The 2013 movie ‘Rush’, based on the true story of the rivalry between Formula 1 Racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda in the 1976 World Championship campaign, provides an outstanding example of how two competitors can be so similar in certain ways, but incredibly different in others. Read Bo Hanson’s review of the movie from a DISC perspective. This is a unique way to learn about two DISC Profiles and enjoy a great sports movie. Read now.

People+Sport Magazine:  In this special edition find out what the leaders in education and development are doing. From ‘real people’ to university case studies, to our feature article on high-performance coach development, it is full of useful insights.  Read it online now or contact me below to request your own copy to be mailed to you.

Interested in an Olympic Coach’s Strategies for getting the best performance from your team? Bob Bowman, the man who coached Michael Phelps to a record 22 Olympic medals (including 18 gold), shares his insights, experiences and four key strategies to create success. Read more.

We’ve set the next dates for the Personal Effectiveness Program for Brisbane (Mon 4 Aug), Melbourne (Wed 6 Aug) and Sydney (Tues 12 August).  This one-day program cuts through to the essentials of leadership, communication and influencing skills. It covers the three most important areas of personal effectiveness: Master Communication, Understanding Yourself & Others and Resolving Conflict.  Find out more and enrol today.

Here’s Liz Masen’s Book Review of ‘Legacy: 15 Lessons in Leadership’ by James Kerr. Legacy is a compelling read about the tremendous success of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby union team achieved through their commitment to their team culture. It combines anecdotes from those directly involved in the All Blacks’ success, to quotes and stories from some of the most successful coaches and sports people. The book is packed with insights, candid quotes, and irrefutable wisdom. Note the book is called ‘Legacy’ rather than any variation of ‘Winning’ or ‘Champions’, a deliberate theme of the book. Read now.

Are you interested in the where DISC Profiling began?  Read about the original creator of DISC, William Moulton Marston and the history of measuring personality and behavior.  Enjoy these two new articles.

Our favorite YouTube clip for this edition is one of the best.  Watch this speech by Naval Adm. William H. McRaven’s at The University of Texas at Austin on May 17th. Watch now.

Not only can you stay up to date as things happen on Facebook or Twitter, we also have our People Side of Sport Blog.  Catch up and be current on all the relevant topics on our blog here.

We also have lots of other new articles on our website including:

  • “Women Coaches: Moving Forward” – Read about the research paper by Deborah Brake onDiscrimination Inward and Upward: Lessons on Law and Social Inequality from The Troubling Case of Women Coaches.
  • “Insights: Brian Canavan” – the Head of the Sydney Roosters Football Club (2013 NRL Premiership winners) shares what’s central to success.
  • “7 things to get right with Professional Development” – If you are looking for impactful and effective Professional Development for your Coach Development, Athlete Leadership, or Sport Management University Program, then here are 7 things you cannot afford to miss.
  • “Powering the People Side of Sport with DISC” – DISC’s primary purpose is developing self-awareness and providing a framework to understand, then build effective relationships with others. Why is this important? Because in sport, what differentiates the best is never just physical or technical ability.
  • “Five ‘Football’ High Performance Coach Development Programs” – Consistent across all football codes is the belief that the quality of their coaches determines the quality of their game, engagement of players and ultimately their success. Read about our work with the 5 codes and their high-performance coach development programs.
  • “Andrea Gaston: Triple Championship Coach” – Whilst coaching itself is a demanding profession, USC’s Head Women’s Golf Coach Andrea Gaston is confidently assured in how to succeed in this tough but profoundly rewarding line of work.
  • “NCAA Women Coaches Academy”– celebrated its 30th program in 2013, and continues to be the most respected and sought after coach development program available to female coaches in the United States.
  • “Empowering Mentors” – Many programs, despite the best of intentions, struggle to reap the rewards of mentoring and success rates vary dramatically. Read a success story.
  • “A Passion for People” – The transformation from NBA team mascot to a distinguished University Professor is not an expected character arc, but it is something that Jim Tennison derives huge amounts of passion from.
  • “The Team Works” – The key purpose of group projects is to develop the ability to work well with others and build teamwork. So how do you capture all of the benefits of group work, while maintaining enthusiasm and engagement of those involved?
  • “Leadership is as Leadership does” – resonates heavily with the modern notion of leadership. It is no longer seen as something you are ‘born with’ but rather a skill that can be developed and grown from experience.
  • “Preparing Students for Success” – The research which confronts sport management educators and career service personnel cannot be ignored.
  • “Flipping the Classroom in your Sport Management Program” – Bill Gates described it as “the future of education”, and Flipping the Classroom is certainly revolutionizing the delivery of education.
  • “Research Paper- Approaches to Coaching: Why athlete-centered is better”.

Have you got your copy of Inspirational Quotes for Coaches?  Knowing how busy coaches are and how an insightful few words of advice can be just the inspiration you need, we’ve collated the best quotes we can find from the best in sport.  Get your copy now.

I love receiving all of your feedback and comments, so please keep it coming! And remember to submit your “Question” for our next video installment of Q&As. Here’s continuing to enjoy the year and the success you create.

As always, if there is anything we can assist you with, or you’d like more information about, we’re absolutely dedicated to providing exceptional value and service.

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