Welcome to 2010 and here’s to making this year a great success. This latest update contains:

Athlete Assessments Newsletters – February 2010

  1. Access the Video Highlights from the Dec ’09 Golf Coaches Conference in Las Vegas – a quick boost for busy coaches.
  2. Inspirational Lessons from US College Football Coaching Legend, Lou Holtz.
  3. A ‘how to’ specifically for Athletes: How to Improve Faster, Train Consciously.
  4. Sports Compete for Talent – Read about our observations from six recent sports conferences.
  5. Newsletter-Readers Only Special Offer – Receive 20% off our CoachDISC and AthelteDISC profiles purchased online during February only (you need the code below).
  6. Best YouTube Clip, Inspirational Video Series and Favorite Quote from Andre Agassi’s book ‘Open’


Enjoy the condensed version of Bo Hanson’s December presentation in Las Vegas as inspiration and education on what is the most critical aspect of your athletes’ success – you! Included is the latest research from the Beijing Olympics about the critical success factors of athletic performance, the role of the coach, coaching Generation Y athletes and more. Click the below link to watch the video highlights: https://www.athleteassessments.com/golf_preview_coaches_association_video.html If you would like access to the full version of the presentation, simply email me and we will provide it at no cost.


Lou Holtz, is a legend in US College football coaching and is the only coach in NCAA history to lead six different programs to bowl games. A significant highlight of being invited to the US Lacrosse Coaching Conference in Baltimore was to hear Lou speak. These are the key lessons from this legend coach. https://www.athleteassessments.com/articles/lessons_from_lou_holz.html


This article is specifically for athletes.  Making the most of your training session is simple.  You simply must never be on autopilot when training.  A great mentor of mine once said, “If you want to learn quickly – slow down.”  In this article, I show you how to get on top of your technical changes faster than ever before to make your training even more effective. https://www.athleteassessments.com/articles/athletes_improve_faster.html


What was inspiring about being at six different sports conferences in the last 2 months, was listening to fellow presenters and hearing their perspectives on coaching.  What was also interesting, was seeing how each sport approaches coaching education and the role of the coach. https://www.athleteassessments.com/articles/sports_compete_for_talent.html


As a welcome to 2010 gift, we’re providing recipients of our newsletter with a very special 20% discount off the price of our CoachDISC and AthleteDISC profiles purchased online during February. This is not advertised anywhere else. You won’t find reference to it on our website – it is especially for you.

To take up this offer, simply gohttps://www.athleteassessments.com/order_online.html, choose either ‘Order your AthleteDISC profile now’ or ‘Order your CoachDISC profile now’ and when you get to the credit card payment screen, simply include the code BEST2010 in the User code.  This will automatically take 20% off the price.

And lastly, the best Youtube clip: – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tui8EOdv_VU&feature=related

and all time favorite inspirational video series:  http://www.89-90lmulions.com/

Now for my favorite quote from Andre Agassi’s book ‘Open’:

“…several sportswriters muse about my transformation, and that word rankles.  I think it misses the mark.  Transformation is change from one thing to another, but I started as nothing.  I didn’t transform, I formed.  When I broke into tennis, I was like most kids:  I didn’t know who I was, and I rebelled at being told by older people.  I think older people make this mistake all the time about younger people, treating them as finished products when in fact they’re in process.  It’s like judging a match before it is over, and I’ve come from behind too often, and had too many opponents come roaring back against me, to think that’s a good idea.” (page 372)

Have the best 2010! Please let me know how we can best assist you to make it the year to remember and be proud of.

My best regards,
Liz Masen and the Athlete Assessments Team

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