Happy Holidays (almost) and Congratulations on all that you have achieved this year!  To end 2013, this newsletter is packed with awesome new “action provoking” articles, together with our popular book review and Q&A videos.  We trust this finds you reflecting on a very successful 2013 and looking to next year to be your best year yet!

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Athlete Assessments Newsletters – December 2013

US Golf and Volleyball Conventions:  Bo Hanson is one of the keynote speakers at the Collegiate Golf Coaches Association of America next week (Dec 10) in Las Vegas and we’ll also be at the American Volleyball Coaches Association Convention in Seattle (Dec 18-22).  If you’re going to either convention, we look forward to seeing you there.  You might also like to mention this to your golf and volleyball colleagues and we’d be very pleased to meet them there too.  (In between those dates Bo will be in San Francisco and I will be in Denver presenting at the NCAA Women Coaches Academy.)

Here’s our latest update – read on!

11 Qualities of Optimal Learning Environments:  Irrespective of their ‘level’ in sport, every coach faces the challenge of continuing to develop and teach their athletes.  Even the best athletes need to continue to improve their skills and abilities, and they rely on their coach to provide the best learning environment.  Review our list of the top 11 qualities of an optimal learning environment to see how your program compares.

Managing Personality Clashes in your Team:  Managing personality clashes, and their resulting conflict effectively, is about setting a framework to understand how conflict starts, noticing it at the lowest level and then being proactive and honest in dealing with it.  This is a useful ‘how to’ article.

Harry Potter & DISC:  Kate Roskvist takes a light-hearted look at how DISC is like the Hogwart’s Houses in Harry Potter.  A fun, yet highly educational article.  Enjoy!

Top Factors in Successful Sport Management Recruiting:  Getting your recruitment decisions right is critical.  Making a bad hire is expensive, time consuming, and has a negative impact on your work culture. But when you get recruitment right, employees are productive, engaged, and give up to 30% more discretionary effort.  Here we discuss the Top 6 Factors for successful recruitment in your sporting organization.

Q&A Videos with Bo Hanson:  There are two new videos in our Q&A video section.  In the first video, Bo discusses the key differences between personality and behavior and what this means for coaching; and in the second video, Bo discusses the link between teaching and coaching.

This edition’s book review is on ‘The Boys in the Boat’, my favorite book of 2013 and possibly for this decade (yes, it is that fantastic!).  The true story of the USA men’s eight crew who overcame enormous hardship to win gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  Truly a masterpiece and highly, highly recommended.

Favorite YouTube Clip:  Still one of the most popular segments of our newsletter… Here’s one of the most inspirational speeches we’ve seen in a long time… Enjoy watching it, as much as everyone in our office did!

Other new articles include:

–  The Control and Influence Model for Sport
–  Your Team’s Life Cycle
–  Coaching and Teaching Methods
–  Critical Models for Coaches to Know
–  Employee Attachment and Applying to Sport
–  Get the Initial 15% Right and the Remaining 85% will Follow

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As always, if there is anything we can assist you with, or you’d like more information about, we’re absolutely dedicated to being here for you. Let’s achieve together.

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Liz Masen
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