2017 American Volleyball Coaches Association Conference



Catch us at the 2017 American Volleyball Coaches Association Conference, December 13-17, in Kansas City.


Bo Hanson Senior Consultant at Athlete Assessments is delivering two seminars, one titled “Get a ‘GRIP’ on your Best Pre-Season Preparation” and the other “Turning Around a Program in One Year: How to Take Over a Program and Win”.

As always, Athlete Assessments will be on the floor in the Marketplace, catching up with Coaches and talking teams, coaching strategies and everything high-performance.

American Volleyball Coaches Association Conference

In Hanson’s first seminar on the Thursday – “Get a ‘GRIP’ on your Best Pre-Season Preparation”, Coaches get an insight into setting a strong foundation for the season and critically, creating a framework to ensure mutually agreed performance standards, behavior and goals are met during the season. This kind of pre-season also gives Coaches and teams theaccountability mechanisms to work with if, in the event that performances or individual behavior falls out of alignment with the team’s goals during the season.

On the Friday Hanson will co-present with Ali Carey-Oliver, Head Coach of the volleyball program at Mt San Antonio College. This seminar deals with taking over a program and making it successful in the first year. Carey-Oliver called on Hanson, a specialist in the people side of sport when she took over the program at Mt San Antonio College, with his help in her first year as Head Coach, she took her team to victory in the Conference Championship with a perfect 8-0 conference record and an outstanding 20-4 season overall. In this seminar the two reveal the critical steps that culminated in the successfulseason.


Visit us in the Marketplace at Athlete Assessments’ Booth 902. Walking from the front entrance, head towards Court 2 and you’ll find us along the way.


Get a ‘GRIP’ on your Best Pre-Season Preparation
The ‘how to’ on your best pre-season yet for the best season and winning results

Thursday, December 14 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

American Volleyball Coaches Association ConferenceAnything of strength and resilience has a solid foundation. To end a successful season as a strong cohesive team requires starting the season in a deliberate way. We use the GRIP Model in the pre-season to bring the team together. This framework is referred back to throughout the season to ensure performance standards are upheld. When problems occur during the season, whether it is with athlete behavior, team chemistry or underperformance, it is because vital time wasn’t invested upfront. “Prevention is always better than a cure.” This presentation ensures you have the strategies to have your best pre-season ever.  Your presenter, Bo Hanson, has been working within sport and the business sector for over 20 years, delivering leadership, management and coach development. In addition to his own athletic career, comprising of four Olympics and including three Olympic medals, he has worked for many years with coaches and athletes fromover 40 different sports, and various countries, to improve coaching strategies and performance.

Turning Around a Program in One Year
How to Take Over a Program and Win      

Friday, December 15 1:15 – 2:15 p.m

American Volleyball Coaches Association ConferenceThe usual expectation is that it takes two to three years to turn a program around. Or said another way, if you have been appointed as head coach to a program that has been underperforming, you have only a few years to get them winning before your fate is the same as the coach before you. But what if you could turn around a program fast? This isexactly what your presenters will share with you.  South Coast Conference North Coach of the Year, Ali Carey-Oliver, achieved unprecedented success in only her first year as head coach at Mt. San Antonio College. Her Volleyball program won their first ever Conference Championship with a perfect 8-0 conference record and an outstanding 20-4 season overall. While a surprise to others, it wasn’t to Ali and her co-presenter, Bo Hanson (4x Olympian, Performance Consultant). Together, they share this real-life case study into the key steps they took to lift the program to a new level and achieve what had never been done before, all in one year. The insights shared in this presentation are a ‘how to’ on turning around a program and the key things to get right from the very start and the key mistakes to never make again.

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