Bo Hanson on Trust in Teams and the Trust Account


In this video, Bo Hanson talks about Trust in Teams and the Trust Account.

“When we talk about successful teams there is one thing that they never talk about but it is the same thing that unsuccessful teams always talk about.  Trust.”

Resources on Trust in Teams

Behavioral Predictability for Building Trust
If you would like more in-depth information on how to build trust with your athletes we definitely recommend you read our article on “Behavioral Predictability for Building Trust”. This article discusses how to use the trust account to maintain and build on your coach athlete relationship. This article also delves into behavioral predictability and how this can be used to get the best performance from your team come race day.

Why People Follow Leaders
Our article on Why People Follow Leaders found trust to be one of the four basic needs that followers require in their leader. For more information on why trust is so important we definitely recommend this article. After all you are a leader only if others follow you. Read about leadership research based on what followers look for in their leaders who have a positive impact on their lives. Based on the book Strengths Based Leadership, find out why people follow and the implications for sport and coaches.

Success of Coach Athlete Relationships (Canadian Olympic Study)
For more information on the importance of Coach Athlete Relationships read our article on Success of Coach Athlete Relationships (Canadian Olympic Study). One of the most recent and compelling studies about the quality of the coach athlete relationship on an athlete’s ultimate performance has been conducted by Penny Wurthner for the Canadian Olympic team. This article shares the key findings of this study and applies the Athlete Centered approach.

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