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Sports Coaching Challenges: Evolution of Athlete Conference


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Collated by Liz Masen, Client Director of Athlete Assessments

Coach Survey Summary Results

What are the top three sports coaching challenges faced?

  1. 50% rated “Understanding individual athlete’s personality and how to best motivate them”
  2. 46% rated “Personal life balance – managing sport, career, home and social etc”
  3. 31% rated “Team/squad dynamics and managing relationships within the team/squad”

Watch Bo Hanson speak about these results and the sports coaching challenges faced:

Equal 4th were the next three highest scoring challenges (each with 25% of coaches scoring as one of their top 3 challenges):

  • Keeping athletes engaged in their sport and dealing with competing priorities
  • Creating a fun environment – keeping everyone enjoying their sport
  • Improving technical and sport specific skills as a coach

What are the top three characteristics of a phenomenal coach?

  1. 61% rated “Focuses on their athletes as a ‘whole person’ (to develop in and outside of the sport)”
  2. 55% rated “Strong communication skills and ability to ‘teach'”
  3. 53% rated “Persistent in looking for new ways, techniques and tools to improve performance”

How do you spend your time on average as a coach? 

  • 71% Dealing with sports related issues
  • 29% Dealing with personal/other related issues

74% of coaches believe that greater funding of sport would reduce the ‘obesity epidemic’

Are ‘social drugs’ are having a direct impact / interference with athletes in your sport?

  • 71% responded ‘None’ or ‘Small or isolated incidents’
  • 21% responded ‘Somewhat of an issue’
  • 8% responded ‘Big issue’

Where to from here?

If you enjoyed this article, you may also find value in our article on the Coach Survey Results from the 2009 Evolution of the Athlete Conference covering leadership development, coaching mentors and how coaches get to know their new athletes, and our articles on Sport Research and Studies.

At Athlete Assessments, we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and to help you be your best. If there is anything we can assist you with, please contact us.

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