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Santa Clara Broncos Baseball – Circle of Safety in Action: 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

Bo Hanson
4x Olympian, Director, and Lead Consultant

RJOne of our clients recently really impressed us. We got some video footage of him giving a speech to his athletes. What we thought is that he was providing an environment for his athlete that was safe and that they all felt valued. Would you be able to give us some more information on that?

Bo: Yeah I was really pleased to receive a newsletter from the Broncos baseball team, which is the Santa Clara University over there in San Francisco. The coach’s name is Gabe Ribas and he’s done such a great job with this video footage that we’ve compiled which they’ve allowed us to use and given us permission to link to it. Because it really does reinforce some of the most important concept s that we talk about.

That is the Circle of Safety and also when we talk about DISC, we’re talking about no good or bad, right or wrong, or a profile which is predicted to be more or less successful. They key message that Gabe was talking about when talk to his pitchers who were about to go out and play is to be yourself, to value yourself, to value each other and to recognise that you and your role is about being the best player for the team and also being the best version of your yourself as well.

I don’t want to talk too much about it right now but instead we’re going to link to that video. I think it was an excellent example of just a practical application of a lot of the philosophies that we talk about so good job, Gabe.

Coach Ribas: I need you to step up today; I need you to step up today. I need you to be better than you were last night, that’s not the guy that runs out there today. I need you to be the best that you’ve been. Dig down deep, be yourself. All I want is for each one of you guys is to be yourself at your very best. Each one of you give me the best that you have for however long we need you.

Fun and focused – that’s what we do. We’re not going to change our personality and get all serious. Fun and focused and then get yourself ready to go in your catch-play. Really get yourself ready to go. Have a great flat ground. Start putting yourself in situations you know you’re going to be in in the game.

Pick each other up. Draw strength from each other. Get your hearts warm. Be focused about being in this game. Give me what you got – hearts warm.

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Looking to catch up?
You can watch all videos in the 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson series.

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You can watch all videos in the
5 Minutes with Bo Hanson series.

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