Japanese Women Coaches Academy 2016


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From September 6th to 8th 2016, Athlete Assessments’ CEO, Liz Masen, and Director of Strategic Relationships at the Alliance of Women Coaches, Marlene Bjornsrud, will once again be in Japan to attend the Japanese Women Coaches Academy.

The idea for hosting a Japanese Women Coaches Academy came from Dr. Etsuko Ogasawara, Executive Director of the Japanese Center for Research on Women in Sport (JCRWS). After attending an Alliance of Women Coaches NCAA Women Coaches Academy in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Ogasawara decided to run a Women Coaches Academy in her home country of Japan. The event was hosted by the JCRWS, and was largely modeled on the US version.

This year’s Women Coaches Academy will be held in Karuizawa, which is the only city in the world to have hosted both Summer and Winter Olympic events. It will be attended by over 40 Coaches and presenters from across numerous sports.

Last year’s Japanese Women Coaches Academy was a great success and Liz is looking forward to once again delivering a session on Coaching Styles, Communication and using CoachDISC Profiles. In 2015, Athlete Assessments released the Japanese CoachDISC Profile in the lead up to the first Coaches Academy held outside of Tokyo.

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Bio for Liz Masen

As Client Director at Athlete Assessments, Liz looks after key clients and consultant relationships as well as manages marketing and new business development. Athlete Assessments is best known for its athlete and coach profiling, and team dynamics consulting, and is a leader in coach education and sport management professional development. Her slogan is ‘when our clients are successful, we are successful too’.

Bio for Marlene BjornsrudJapanese Women Coaches Academy

Marlene Bjornsrud has been a leader and advocate for women’s sports as an athlete, Coach and administrator at the college and professional levels for more than 35 years. As an executive administrator of nonprofit organizations in the sports world, she has been recognized by her peers, the White House and the International Olympic Committee for her accomplishments and vision. Marlene served as Executive Director for two years before assuming her role as director of strategic relationships at the Alliance of Women Coaches.

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If you’re familiar with us at Athlete Assessments, you'll know we’re big advocators for supporting women in sport. So we asked the question of women in sport about what are some of the valuable ways that others can provide meaningful support to them. As a result, we have created a live list of incredible insights, which we invite you to take the time to read through, and even join us in growing this list to be a valuable resource for others. Click the button below to read the live list, add your own thoughts, or download a copy.

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