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In all sport, physical training can only take you so far. The difference between a ‘good’ performance and a ‘great’ one is not about physical training and conditioning, it’s all about your mental skills and how you work with your coach and team members.

Often people put too much emphasis on the physical capabilities of high-performance athletes, when the mental skills they have, or lack, are just as critical to their success.

We all know athletes who may not have been as ‘physically gifted’ as some, who have gone on to achieve unimaginable success. Or someone who appeared to have all the ‘physical talent’ who couldn’t manage themselves and never reached their potential. What’s the difference?

All the research points to the same conclusion. Take the 2008 Olympic study as one example. It showed that the top factors contributing to a personal best or medal-winning performance were a strong coach-athlete relationship, and a high level of athlete self-awareness.

What are you doing as a high-performance athlete it further improve in these vital areas? If you don’t have the ‘people side’ of your sport right, you’re missing out on a massive competitive advantage. After all, technical ability is never the defining factor in top performance.

Are you not satisfied with where you are at with your sport? Not sure what will get you to the next level? The key to realizing your potential as an exceptional athlete is all about developing self-awareness, understanding your personal preferences and unique motivators and having the support to take you to the next level. Find out more information about our Athlete Get Ahead Package, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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In elite sport, equipment is equal among competitors, physical conditioning programs are indistinguishable and game or race strategies are often duplicated. The only true competitive advantage is investing in your mental, emotional and relationship skills. The Get Ahead Programs will help you achieve this.

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