Bo Hanson Presents: Communication in Sport with Different DISC Styles Video


We all know that communication in sport is the foundation of coaching. It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are as a technical or physical training expert, if you can’t communicate this to others, the opportunity is lost. In this video, Bo Hanson discusses how the different DISC Styles communicate, what they like to communicate (emotions and feelings or facts and figures) and how you as a coach can communicate to your athletes in the most productive manner possible. Tailor your coaching to your athletes’ communication preferences for the best results. 

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At Athlete Assessments, we’re experts in the people side of sport. We know sport and live high-performance every day. Our reputation and proven success at the elite level speaks for itself. The results that our National, Olympic, Professional, and Collegiate team clients achieve directly reflects their focus on getting the people side right.

    Are you looking to catch up? You can watch all videos in the 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson series.

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    Each assessment provides a personalized DISC Profile Report based on the results of a 12-minute online survey. The individual report details personal styles, strengths, limiting behaviors, communication preferences, and the ideal environment to enhance performance.

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