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Athlete Assessments was founded by Bo Hanson, four-time Australian Olympian and three-time Olympic bronze medal winner in rowing.

Towards the end of his Olympic career, Bo searched for strategies and theory to understand his behavior and how it related to his training, racing, and performance results. This need for self-improvement led to Bo extensively studying DISC Behavioral Theory, the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, emotional intelligence, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Bo identified his strengths and learned how to use them to improve upon his limitations. DISC Theory also allowed Bo to understand his fellow crew members and build more productive and fulfilling relationships.

Thanks to his understanding of DISC and behavioral profiling, Bo found the latter stages of his rowing career were the most successful and the most enjoyable.

Prior to retiring from his competitive career in 2004, Bo became an expert in DISC behavioral theory and application. At that time, the DISC model was most relevant to those in the business world. While it was useful to Bo as an athlete, he observed that it wasn’t designed to meet the specific needs of sport.

Working with a team of passionate experts including sports coaches, IT developers and other DISC accredited professionals, Bo developed the AthleteDISC Profile and founded Athlete Assessments in 2007. In doing this, Athlete Assessments gave athletes around the world the first sports-specific version of DISC behavioral profiling.

Because athletes and coaches have different needs, a similar tool specifically for sports coaches, the CoachDISC Profile, was released in early 2009. After many requests from clients, in early 2011 Sports ManagerDISC Profile was launched as the latest professional development tool specifically for sports managers and administrators.

In late 2012, Athlete Assessments launched their performance review services for coaches, athlete leaders and sports managers. This included the development of the Athlete Assessments Coach 360, Sports Manager 360 and Athlete Leader 360.

Over the last decade, Athlete Assessments has continued to innovate and extend on their portfolio of services and products available, and made them available in other languages such as Japanese and Hungarian.

Our client list reflects the quality work we do and the results we achieve with them. Athlete Assessments now works with some of the top sport psychologists and performance consultants around the world; professional, Olympic, national and state teams in Australia and internationally; collegiate athletic departments and their teams in the USA; most of the top sport management, sport coaching, and sport science academic programs in the USA, Australia, and United Kingdom; many National Sporting Associations around the world; and numerous individuals who take their sport and their role within sport seriously.

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